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The Chainsmokers: More Than Just Kings Of The #SELFIE

In defense of The Chainsmokers

When "#SELFIE" became the global theme song of pop culture earlier this year, The Chainsmokers saw a meteoric rise to fame, and they have been adjusting to life in the limelight ever since. The production of the single was a brilliant viral marketing idea capitalizing on popular vernacular and incorporating one of the biggest social media trends from our generation: the hashtag.

What’s more, there’s a reason that the spoken lyrics (provided by Alexis Killacam) are so entertainingly catchy. Killacam portrays a drunken narcissistic female clubber who is way too caught up in her looks, overanalyzing every social interaction she encounters. Her performance in the song sticks with listeners because we’ve all seen “her.” Some of us have even been “her.” Whatever the case, "#SELFIE" gives us all an excuse to be playfully self-centered, providing the world with a soundtrack that makes our moments of vanity a little less obnoxious.

Despite the success of "#SELFIE," most people now associate The Chainsmokers with a song that was never meant to be taken seriously in the first place. After the song blew up, the duo appeared on American Idol and were blasted by some in the DJ community for “selling out,” without many truly realizing that they were riding the success of a song that was kind of a tongue-in-cheek joke to begin with. The popularity of this Melbourne Bounce hit has overshadowed the true sound of the group, with much of their productions being spawned from thoughtfully constructed indie roots. Regardless of your opinions on "#SELFIE," this massive single doesn’t even begin to illustrate the true talent of The Chainsmokers, who should be celebrated for their multitude of quality productions.

The Chainsmokers have been producing a refreshing combination of original music and remixes for about two years now, but to many people, they’re still just “those selfie guys” that once appeared on American Idol.  Widely considered the Kings of the Selfie, in actuality they’re the Kings of Remixes – having released nearly 20 of these in the past year alone.  We think that many of these remixes do the NYC duo much more justice than "#SELFIE," so we’ve put together a list of our five favorite remixes By The Chainsmokers.

Our 5 Favorite Remixes By The Chainsmokers

5.  Tove Lo - Habits

4.  ASTR - Operate

3.  Phoenix - Trying To Be Cool

2.  Smallpools - Dreaming

1.  Adventure Club - Wonder

Written By Robby Engle + Anita Obasi

Disclaimer: The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by the author do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of EDM.com.

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