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Desso Is Sick And He Needs Our Help!

After recently experiencing migranes, nausea, internal pain, fever, and many other symptoms, the Russian house producer Desso was taken to the hospital for an MRI. After the scan, doctors found out that he not only had a kidney infection, but that he also had a mysterious lump in his neck. This lump was diagnosed as an Arachnoid cyst, and it has placed Desso in a life-threatening position. In order to remove the cyst, he must undergo very expensive surgery so that the cyst can be removed intact. If it pops before or during surgery, it will undoubtedly damage his spinal cord and brainstem.

When unfortunate and unplanned expenses such as medical bills come into the life of a full-time producer, it can be impossible to support yourself on such a tight budget. Bad luck strikes many of us, but in the case of the young and talented producer Desso, he really needs our support right now. The label Desso is on, Wolf Beats, is hosting a fundraiser on their website to support the costly treatment, and you can make a donation via PayPal to contribute to the cause as well. Other artists on the label, including Silva Hound and Nitrofun, are all working towards supporting their labelmate through their releases, and your input will greatly influence the outcome of this trivial procedure. Please visit the Wolf Beats website to learn more about how you can support the talented Desso; we wish him the best of luck and we hope to see your support!

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