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EDM.com Spotlight

Kaskade Plans To Delete His SoundCloud Channel & Start Own Music Portal

Kaskade recently announced via Twitter that he will be leaving SoundCloud and creating his own music platform. The well-known producer is understandably frustrated with the 32 copyright emails he has received from Soundcloud in less than 48 hours.

This concept isn’t unheard of. deadmau5 recently created his own online portal where he can upload remixes, sets, and original tracks without worrying about SoundCloud's policies.

Yesterday, Kaskade expanded on the subject in a Tumblr post titled “brb…Deleting SoundCloud.” He writes, “Countless artists have launched their careers though mash ups, bootlegs, remixes and music sharing. These laws and page take-downs are cutting us down at the knees. And yo, musicians definitely need knees.” If you're interested in the politics between SoundCloud, labels, and producers, we highly recommend reading Kaskade's full post.

This is a developing situation that we'll be keeping an eye on in the coming months. Kaskade is one of very few notable producers to create a huge fuss about the current state of affairs. However, we're sure that many more producers will voice their unhappiness as SoundCloud continues to face intense scrutiny from record labels.

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Written by Ash Khayami