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EDM.com Spotlight

Top 3 Trance Tracks Of The Week

Progressive Track of the Week

EDU - Action Hero (Progressive Mix)

In the last few months, we've watched as EDU has churned out masterpiece after masterpiece of progressive trance. From his collaborations with Macarize labelhead Kristoffer Ljundberg to his releases on Monster Tunes to his various remixes, he has consistently shown that he can produce quality music on a regular basis. The Progressive Mix of his track "Action Hero" is just further proof of this, a gorgeous trance track which is perfect for listening to while relaxing. With how many amazing tunes EDU is churning out lately, we wouldn't be surprised to see him scooped up by a label with a big reputation at some point in the near future.

Tech Track of the Week

Scott Lowe & Liam Nicklin - Ignosco (Harmonic Rush Remix)

There's no question about it in our minds: Harmonic Rush is a musical genius. One of the biggest gems of the underground trance scene, every song he produces is filled to the brim with creative ideas, overflowing with obvious passion for what he does. His music is one of the driving forces of a much-needed sound update in trance music, and definitely deserves the attention of any people calling themselves trance fans. For those who are just now discovering him, there is no better place to start than this "Ignosco" remix.

Uplifting Track of the Week

Suncatcher - Fruitify (Club Mix)

Talk about a killer week. First there was EDU, then Harmonic Rush, and now finally there is Suncatcher. This Romanian trance producer has been in the scene for over five years, giving him ample time to refine his characteristic sound. Unlike a rather significant amount of uplifting trance, Suncatcher's music manages to remain extraordinarily beautiful while at the same time keeping any "cheesiness" and fake emotions far away. "Fruitify" is a perfect example, with its gorgeous synths and driving bassline, not to mention silky-smooth transitions. This is one track to hold onto, for sure.

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