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EDM.com Spotlight

Knife Party Reveals Title Of Their Album; Provides Progress Update

The time of reckoning is nigh, as the side-project-turned-headliner duo of Knife Party is set to deliver their first full-length album very soon, if their Twitter activity is any indication. Coming off a long series of shows and tours, this will be our first taste of Knife Party’s bone-crunching brand of electro/dubstep fusion since their wildly successful Haunted House EP, which featured two of last year’s biggest hits, “LRAD” and “Internet Friends VIP.” Always ready and willing to poke fun at the industry, other producers, and themselves, we can expect more creatively-named tracks; but first, their album title:

Also tweeted out earlier this week is an update on their progress:

If their previous successes are any indication, this album will be sure to be a trend-setter in the realm of popular dance music; “LRAD” practically started a musical fad all by itself last year. Keep an eye out, as a tracklist should be coming out shortly to give us more an indication of what sort of trouble the two are stirring up this time around. Break your ears back in to the sounds of Knife Party with their last EP below:

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