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Mixify's Clubcast To Broadcast Live DJ Sets Inside Of Nightclubs

Mixify has officially launched Clubcast, a service that will allow a venue to broadcast a live HD stream within their building. This means that a club can book a DJ to spin a set for their venue without paying for the DJ to physically show up. Club attendees will be able to see the DJ, and the DJ will able to see how the crowd is reacting to their song selection.

While this may sound ridiculous to EDM fans on the surface, it looks like the concept has generated interest within the industry. Mixify recently received $1.8 million from investors during their Series A round of funding. It's unknown as to how much of Mixify's recent funding can be directly attributed to Clubcast. However, the news of the investments does come at the same time that Clubcast is being launched to the public. CMB Capital, Tim McGee, Richard Mergler and Tommy Trash have been revealed as a few of the investors.

Tommy Trash's involvement isn't a big surprise, as he took part in a pair of Clubcasts recently. On April 22, Tommy Trash spun at Icon Collective in Los Angeles, and the set was shown live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was the first international Clubcast. On April 25, Tommy Trash headlined another Clubcast, which was streamed into QC2020 in Montebello, CA.

Mixify states, "In its six months of beta testing within more than 15 different markets, Mixify has focused on partnering venues with DJs such as Tommy Trash, Bassjackers and Firebeatz. Clubcast has livestreamed internationally, covering locations such as Buenos Aires, Argentina and The Cayman Islands. It has already experienced a 250% growth rate in just one quarter of beta testing, and expects to be in a total of 40 markets by the end of August 2014."

Clubcast is a concept that has the potential to be very polarizing. Some fans might love that they can see a DJ spin live at a club—even if the DJ is actually thousands of miles away. On the other hand, a lot of fans might be unhappy with the concept due to the lack of a palpable personal connection with the DJ.

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