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EDM.com Spotlight

Tomorrowland's New Bracelets Send Facebook Friend Requests

Tomorrowland, one of the largest dance music festivals in the world, is always known for bringing the best talent and production year after year. This year, they are stepping it up once again by introducing new magical friendship bracelets. These bracelets will not only serve as your ticket, but as a way to connect with other festival attendees in a way that has never been done before.

One of the most typical “raver problems” is forgetting to exchange contact information. With Tomorrowland’s new bracelets, you’ll be able to send Facebook friend requests at the press of a button. First, you’ll need link your Facebook account to your bracelet by activating it online. Now when you meet someone you’d like to stay in touch with, you press the heart button on your bracelet and it will automatically send a friend request. You will then receive a daily “friendship email” with all the friends you’ve connected with at the festival. Tomorrowland has made staying in touch with new friends easier than ever. Take a look at how it works in the video below.

Tomorrowland will be taking place in Boom, Belgium on July 18 - 20 and July 25 - 27. To activate your bracelet head to http://www.tomorrowland.com/en/activate.

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