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Dutch Company Creates Solar-Powered DJ Booth For Public Parks

The Netherlands is a breeding ground for the world's most popular producers. In fact, the most recent edition of DJ Mag's Top 100 DJs featured a whopping six Dutch acts in the top ten. Furthermore, Dutch prodigies such as Martin Garrix, Oliver Heldens, and Julian Jordan have taken the world by storm. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that Yalp, a Dutch design company, has invented a DJ booth that can be installed in parks. The name of the booth is the "Fono," and it runs on solar power.

All you have to do to utilize Fono is connect your smartphone. From there, you can DJ using your music library. 

In an introductory video that was uploaded in 2012, Product Developer Rob Tuitert states, “What we did with the design is create a whole meeting place for outdoors, where youth can get together and have a social, positive way of being outside.”

Although Fono has great potential, there are some things standing in the way. Deep House Amsterdam detailed some of the negatives of the Fono: "One downside of Fono is that it doesn’t have actual pitch slides to beatmatch two different tunes manually, nor are there any EQ knobs present. What users can do, however, is automatically sync tracks and cue/prelisten to your mix-in track over your headphones. The effects that can be used are: loop, delay, crush, scratch, filter and more."

Also, we found a video of the Fono in action, and it is a big disappointment.

The sound is muffled and tinny in the video. Overall, it simply sounds bad. The unqualified DJ and video recording equipment likely had something to do with the disappointing video, but it still sounds like the Fono can use some tweaks.

Regardless, the Fono can be a great way for kids to have fun at the park. It might be able to get kids to play outside more, and dancing to the tunes coming out of the Fono can be a fun way for them to exercise. Fono can currently be found in Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and The Netherlands.

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Cover photo credit: Yalp

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