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EDM.com Spotlight

Tycho Has An Impressive New Live Performance Setup [Interview]

Tycho took some time out of his Electric Forest weekend to help bring us up to speed.

By the time Sunday rolled around at Electric Forest, an extremely peaceful atmosphere had swept over the entire festival. Most of the in-your-face bass music acts had already done their damage during the days prior, and the majority of the the festival's attendees were finally starting to wind down from the tiring weekend.

It should've come as no surprise that Tycho's services were specifically requested for this relaxing evening. Before the newly-formed group was set to peform, we were fortunate enough to spend some time with Scott Hansen (Tycho's leading man) and get his thoughts on a variety of fascinating topics. Find out what he had to say below.

EDM.com: What are your thoughts on the surroundings here at Electric Forest? Have you had a chance to walk around yet?

Scott: We’re excited to [walk around], but we haven’t had a chance yet. From what I saw on the way in, it seems like a pretty extensive setup.

EDM.com: Your album Awake was released back in March. Can you explain the thought process behind it?

Scott: I’ve been doing the Tycho thing for a while, but more as like a solo producer. With this record, we’ve been playing it as a live band. Kind of re-creating the older songs in the live context with a three-piece. And I just decided that I wanted to take that sound and take it a little bit further and actually try to create an album that way. So, Zac (of Zac Brown Band) and I, and Rory worked together and made the record. And now we actually tour together as a four-piece.

EDM.com: So does that change the on-stage dynamic at all? How about in the studio?  

Scott: It’s made it a lot easier in the studio. It’s just a lot more inspiring to have other people and more perspectives around. As far as the live show goes, it actually makes it a lot more fun for me because you can focus on what you’re doing rather than doing everything at once. Everybody has their role and you can work off of each other. It’s a lot more dynamic than just going through the motions.

EDM.com: Did you guys ever collaborate before officially teaming up with one another?

Scott: Zac and I worked a little bit on Dive. Like on a few songs on there. That’s how this all started, he came in and kind of put some guitar stuff down on some tracks. Then we started playing shows together and then we got a drummer - and that’s what made me decide I wanted to do Awake this way.

EDM.com: Who have been your influences for some of your more recent releases?

Scott: Obviously Boards of Canada and Ulrich Schnauss. And even before that, DJ Shadow and Roni Size, all of them were big influences for me getting into music. You know, now it’s definitely shifted – I use the word ‘influence’ pretty loosely – but it’s shifted to more like rock bands and stuff like that. That’s always been what I listen to anyways, so that’s been what I’ve been exposed to the most. I always wanted to find a way to work that into my own music, but I felt like I had to find my way to that in a roundabout way.

EDM.com: Your brand of music has a very mellow vibe to it. How would you describe your sound to someone who isn’t familiar with it?

Scott: I’m a graphic designer. And I do video and stuff too. So this is just kind of all part of a bigger picture – like an audio/visual project. I like instrumental music because it’s kind of open to interpretation, it’s cinematic, and all those things. So, for me, it wasn’t really like I said this is the genre I want to make. This is kind of what just happened and it comes naturally.

EDM.com: You’re scheduled to play the final night at Electric Forest. When you’re closing out a festival of this magnitude, does it motivate you to put together a special set?  

Scott: Usually, if we’re closing things down, we assume that’s because they want more of a reflective atmosphere for the end of an event. So we just do our thing. It’s definitely more energetic than the recorded stuff, but it’s still definitely chill compared to a lot of the stuff you’ll hear out here.

EDM.com: Well, the crowd here (at Electric Forest) will probably be very receptive. There are a lot of people who enjoy this style of music.

Scott: Yeah, I think everybody always appreciates a counterpoint. And I feel like that’s the role we serve at a lot of these festivals. You’ve got a lot of heavy stuff and it’s nice to have a breather once in a while.

EDM.com: Anything new in the works? What’s Tycho been up to lately?

Scott: I’ve been messing around with some remixes and stuff. I’m always working on new music. But, for now, we’re really focused on producing the live show. We have some tours lined up here. We have a fall tour coming up. Doing a world tour and then some stuff in 2015. I’m mostly just focused on the live production and the video. I kind of see the show as a work in and of itself – almost like an album. So I’d like to focus on that for a few years between records.

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