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EDM.com Spotlight

At Dawn We Rage's' 'Isra's Voyage' Is A New Side Of EDM [Interview]

At Dawn We Rage (ADWR) has created something unexpected in his latest track, "Isra's Voyage." As the standard for EDM begins to rust, ADWR has capitalized by creating music without any boundaries or barriers.

With beautiful delayed guitars calmly anchoring against harmonic vocals and a sea of ambience and bliss, At Dawn We Rage has truly created a track that is set apart from the norm. We look forward to hearing many more like this.

(D = David Lee Crow of EDM.com; ADWR = Stormy of At Dawn We Rage)

D: At Dawn We Rage...That's a really peculiar name. Where did it come from?

ADWR: It actually came into mind because I wanted to start a project called ADSR, but there were already tons of bands/producers with that name. I liked the way ADSR sounded and looked, so I just started playing with word combinations while driving. One night in the Jack in Box drive-thru, the name "At Dawn We Rage" just popped into my head. It was kind of a weird night out, kinda foggy, and reminded me of a zombie movie or something. I originally was only gonna call a label/blog “At Dawn We Rage” since I had another project I was invested in at the time [LIGHTSOVERLA]. I ended up doing some dubstep remixes and just threw the name "At Dawn We Rage" on 'em and put 'em out. They got some good feedback, so I just kept producing under that name.

D: "Isra's Voyage" has such a chill and melodic vibe, very set apart from your previous and much more aggressive works. Is this a consistent direction you'll be heading in? If yes, then are you worried about how your fans will respond?

ADWR: Honestly, my mentality with my music is “No Genres, No Barriers.” I want the ability to release whatever I want. We have always released chill tracks and some of our most memorable tracks are the chill stuff we have done. We have been really lucky to have such supporting fans. I feel like I have been given the ability to explore whatever genres I want and the fans have been accepting of that.

D: What got you into producing? What would you be doing if you hadn't?

ADWR: Honestly I have always messed around with recording my own music. I started playing guitar at a very young age, and my parents bought me a 4-track recorder, and I always enjoyed recording myself. I really got heavy into production when I discovered Random Album Title by Deadmau5. That is the record that really solidified for me that I wanted to produce electronic music. If I wasn’t producing, I would probably work with animal care or be a pilot.

D: What are some things you love about dance music today? Things you hate?

ADWR: I love the community. I have played a lot of different styles of music, and the fans of electronic music are the most passionate and genuine people I have ever met. They truly love electronic music for nothing but the music. The thing I hate is when people just see it [dance music] as money. There is so much more to this culture than a cash grab.

D: I have heard rumors about you changing the way you play out at shows with more live aspects. Can you give us an idea about how this will look?

ADWR: Yes, we have been experimenting with live aspects for quite awhile now and it actually blossomed into us starting another project/band. I have gotten very tired of doing Ableton “DJ” sets, so the natural progression for me is to integrate live instruments. We will be using guitars, samplers, and hopefully drums at a certain point for ADWR.

D: What is one of the most ridiculous things that has happened during one of your sets? 

ADWR: Probably the set that I didn’t play in Kingman, AZ. Don’t book shows with tweekers from Kingman. I got to meet Flava Flav, though. K Theory and Jauz remember that show.

D: What's your favorite Mexican food? 

ADWR: Los Dos Molino’s in Phoenix, AZ. Shout out to Drew!

D: Any final words for your fans?

ADWR: Thank you for the continued support on everything we have done. It is truly amazing to know that we can explore the sounds we want to explore, and you support us through that. We are getting ready to release a bunch of music over the next few months, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you all!

Written by David Lee Crow

Cover photo credit: Facebook.com/VitalSC

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