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Project 46 & BYNON Collaborate on Summer House Anthem

Few progressive house acts today have developed their sound as quickly as Project 46. The Canadian duo has brought their music to new heights thanks to their unique sound and skillfull productions, not to mention their numerous signings with some of the world's most respected labels such as MonstercatSpinnin, and most recently Ultra. The duo signed their first album with Ultra Records earlier this April, and it is set for release in late 2014/early 2015.

The first single off of the duo's new album is "Eyes," a progressive house collaboration with up-and-coming talent BYNON. The song's euphoric chord progressions and bone-chilling vocal work showcase the collaboration's powerful production and catchiness. Already seeing playtime from radio hosts and djs around the world such as Gareth Emory, John Dahlback, and Max Vangeli, "Eyes" will undoubtedly hit the mainstream and festival circuit throughout the coming months, and will be available for purchase worldwide via Beatport on July 14th. Take a listen to the joyful summer tune and enjoy our mini interviews with Project 46 and BYNON after the break!

Project 46

EDM: What lead to your signing with Ultra? 

P46: We have always thought Ultra was a prestigious label and were super excited when they showed interest in our album. After working with them and Kaskade on "Last Chance," we knew they would be a perfect fit. 

EDM: How would you two describe your upcoming album?

P46: I think our album has a little bit for everyone. Some tracks that lean towards being very commercial, others made more for a nightclub. You're going to see a lot styles that you have not seen from us before. We also put a lot of focus on ensuring all the songs on our album evoke emotion.  

EDM: What can we expect from you guys at Hudson Project?

P46: You an expect us to continue to road test our album. We really like to mix a good amount of upcoming releases in to keep our set fresh.


EDM: How does it feel to have your first release through Ultra Records?

BY: I'm very excited for the release on Ultra, I've heard incredible things about their label so I'm excited to see how the record does.

EDM: What was the collaborative process like producing "Eyes" with Project 46?

BY: I met Ryan and Thomas (Project 46) on Christian Mingle back in March, during Winter Music Conference. We had a show together and really hit it off over dinner before. A few days later I sent Ryan a record I was working on, just to get some feedback, he loved it and asked me if I wanted to turn it into a collab for their upcoming album. I sent the stems over to them and they really added their incredible sound to it. We now have weekly pillow fights via Skype. It keeps our relationship in a healthy place.

EDM: Any big projects planned in the coming months?

BY: So much music, music, and more music! I've been focusing only on originals and working my arse off to have a consistant material coming out.  Currently, what I can speak about is my collab with my buddy Mackenzie (MAKJ), a new record with Taryn Manning, and so many more which I can't tell you right now. I will be debuting my brand new radio show "BREAKFAST WITH BYNON" in early August which I'm very excited about, and I'm also currently working on finishing my EP and a piece of music that is over 100 minutes long so far. I will be able to tell you more about it closer to the fall, but for now it is something that no-one has done or even attempted to do! Very excited to reveal this soon.

Project 46 is currently on tour throughout August to promote their new single "Eyes" - Be on the lookout for its release via Beatport on July 14th!

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