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EDM.com Spotlight

Actor Idris Elba Gets A Summer Residency In Ibiza

Star actor Idris Elba has been given his own summer residency at Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes, and it will be broadcast every weekend on Capital FM in the UK. The radio show will be titled "Idris Presents 7 Wallace," and it is debuting in the UK tonight. 

On the surface, the star of Luther and The Wire receiving a radio show might confuse some dance music fans. However, the star actor has been a part of the DJ community since before some of your favorite producers were born. As we detailed in a previous post, Elba has been DJing for 23 years.

If you want to get an idea of Elba's taste in music, listen to one of his fantastic deep house mixes below.

Elba was booked to DJ at the legendary Glastonbury Festival earlier this year, but he had to cancel the set due to filming commitments.

[H/T: Capital FM]

Cover photo credit: Esquire

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