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Insomniac Asks Fans: 'Should EDC Las Vegas Run Back-To-Back Weekends?'

A few days ago, we reported that Pasquale Rotella was thinking about expanding EDC Las Vegas to two weekends. The thought of a two-weekend EDC Las Vegas sparked a massive debate among the EDM community. Rotella and his company, Insomniac, are well known for gathering their fans' opinions before making any big decisions. In this case, Insomniac has published a poll asking: "Should EDC Las Vegas run back-to-back weekends?"

This is a great move by Insomniac. As far as business goes, having two weekends of EDC will generate much higher profit for Insomniac and Las Vegas. However, moving to two weekends without first consulting the "headliners," or Insomniac's fans, would have been a bad situation for Rotella's brand. A business always wants to make as much money as possible, but they also can't risk angering the majority of their customers.

To help you understand what some fans are currently thinking, I've included some of the top comments from our previous story about EDC's possible expansion to two weekends:

  • Paul O'Regan says, "I'd go home in a body bag."
  • David Muñoz Jr. says, "It'd be rough...tickets would be crazy expensive."
  • Jessica Louise says, "Annie Cook i feel like we would die. but it would be the grandest of all deaths hahahahaha."
  • Flora Martinez says, "Ooooor we could have EDCLV every 6 months."
  • Nathan Zarzycki says, "That would be awesome for everyone on the west coast but what about us east coast people"
  • Monique Thibodeaux says, "If it was 2 weekends for the price of one, HELL YEAH!"

What are your thoughts on EDC Las Vegas expanding to two weekends? Click here to take part in Insomniac's poll, and let them know exactly how you feel!

Cover photo credit: Doug Van Sant

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