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EDM.com Spotlight

Classic Trance With Modern Perfection: Solarstone's 'Modern Architecture 3'

Classic trance is a sound all but forgotten by listeners around the world. Very rarely does music come along that maintains the feeling and atmosphere of such timeless pieces while adding a modern aesthetic. Solarstone is one of the few pioneers, always pushing trance forward while keeping a connection with what many consider to be a golden era of electronica. Although he is known for his quality productions of this style, he has also become a trance curator. He is one of the driving forces behind sharing trance music made by new and old talents alike. His latest compilation, the third installment of his Electronic Architecture series, is an amazing collection that puts the classic trance sound back on the map while delivering a consistent production quality that holds up to par with even the most sonically pristine music.

The compilation is split into three CDs, and each provides the listener with a subtle but noticeable sense of journey. The first CD begins with a taste of delicious atmospheric work that is consistent throughout all three mixes. It eases the listener into the new installment with beautiful melodies and tasteful progressive grooves. While the style of these tracks evolve, there is a certain sense of cohesion while listening, as Solarstone delivers a flawless progression start to finish. There is truly something for everyone in the first mix, from chunky rhythms to sweeping pads and all around simply unforgettable pieces of music.

The second CD transitions easily from the first, but listeners will quickly notice as the sound becomes less progressive and more focused on the classic trance sound. In this second mix, we are introduced to a more driving selection of tracks, and many of them feature a more organic sound with real instruments layered atop the synthetic ones. Finally, the third mix brings the compilation full circle with many of the artists from CD 1 and 2 revisited in ambient and breakbeat versions of their featured tracks. 

This third installment speaks volumes for how alive the classic trance sound is while delivering the highest quality of production. Solarstone does not fall short of any expectation that listeners may have in providing three perfectly mixed CDs. Tracks from this compilation can not even be singled out for review, as each is a masterpiece in its own and perfectly placed in the sonic picture Solarstone has painted for us. Electronic Architecture 3 is a must-listen from start to finish for fans of electronic music.

Written by Santos Torres

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