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Sink Your Teeth into 'Feed Me's Psychedelic Journey'

Feed Me wants to feed you some fresh beats.

Hungry for bass? Then get ready to sink your teeth into Feed Me’s new EP, which was released on Friday. Feed Me’s Psychedelic Journey is a four-track production that, despite only being 22 minutes long, brilliantly showcases a unique blend of electro house and dubstep by incorporating distinctive textures of sticky bass beats. From start to finish, the EP is a truly mind-blowing musical excursion that leaves you hungry for seconds.

Behind Feed Me’s character of a perpetually famished, mostly impish, smirking green monster is UK native, Jon Gooch. The diminutive beast is meant to be a personification of Gooch’s music created for this particular music venture, as he previously produced under the alias of Spor.

In 2013, Gooch dished out the details behind the conception of Feed Me to Elektro Daily, noting that the development of this visual and musical invention served as a coping mechanism. It was a means of processing the trauma he faced after sister’s injury from a waste disposal unit that “would gurgle sounds which resembled the words "feed me.” Making light of his childhood fears through the use of music has consequently found Gooch at forefront of innovation as far as EDM is concerned.

Feed Me’s Psychedelic Journey is Gooch’s third EP under this alias, and it is his first release since Calamari Tuesday. The new EP is perfectly timed with the Gooch’s highly anticipated tour across North America, beginning August 2nd in New York. Delta Heavy, Le Castle Vania, and Treasure Fingers are just a few of the anticipated accompanying acts, further bolstering the excitement for these upcoming shows.

Infamous for the visual “Teeth” component that is an integral part of his live shows, Feed Me will be displaying a fresh set of chompers for this year’s run. Check out the video below by Future Music Magazine where Gooch explains the previous concept of “Feed Me with Teeth.” Considering how incredible the last set of Teeth was, I can only imagine how amazing the spectacle of these giant pearly whites will be this time around!

Overall, the EP offers a very refreshing sound straying from mainstream big room electro that has saturated the EDM scene as of late. Here's to hoping that Feed Me follows this EP up with a full-length album to keep bass fiends everywhere musically satiated!

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