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Thunderstorm Forces The Hudson Project To Cancel Final Night's Performances, Including Bassnectar's Set

In an unfortunate turn of events, The Hudson Project was forced to cancel the festival's final night due to a thunderstorm. 


Bassnectar was booked to headline the last day of The Hudson Project, and attendees were already heavily pregaming for his set by the time the festival was cancelled. This led to a very unhappy string of comments on The Hudson Project's social media pages, including accusations that the festival was encouraging people to drive home drunk. The Hudson Project communicated that this was not what they wanted.

Bassnectar expressed his disappointment about the festival's premature ending on Twitter.

Nobody wanted the inaugural edition of The Hudson Project to end this way, but it was necessary. Sure, everyone wanted to see Bassnectar and the other acts on the lineup, but safety should always come first. People's lives would have been in danger if the festival wasn't cancelled. Thanks to the cancellation, everyone will get to head home in one piece and live to attend another music festival in the future.

Cover photo credit: The Hudson Project

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