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5 Of The Most Dedicated EDM Fanbases

Fans are the real headliners.

The acts listed below have five of the best EDM fanbases. By taking a page from the Grateful Dead, who were infamous for their dedicated fans, these acts continue to thrive and see mounting success. This is largely due to the constant interaction with and open appreciation for the people that can’t get enough of their musical vision.


Lorin Ashton has some of the truest fans I have ever interacted with. Never have I been to a show where I am surrounded entirely by kind-hearted and polite head bangers ready to internalize as much bass as humanly possible. I was most moved by the power of Bassnectar's music on his fans during BassLights 2013 in Hampton, VA. Standing in the very top of the stands directly facing the stage, I was taken aback by how thousands upon thousands of people were moving together as one while Bassnectar shook the very foundations of the Hampton Coliseum with the intensity of his set.

Bassheads are constantly encouraged by Bassnectar to respect those around them, along with their own bodies. Launching the AmBASSadors has only strengthened the bond between artist and fan, as volunteers are brought together to look after their peers during the show. In taking the initiative to make sure his fans are well cared for, Bassnectar has also encouraged his fans to internalize the same mentality, creating an environment where live music can be enjoyed to its fullest extent.

Let’s not forget all of the epic family photos Bassnectar takes at every show he plays. Talk about being a family man. With his high level of fan interaction, it’s no wonder Bassnectar has one of the most dedicated fanbases in EDM.

Pretty Lights

The laidback, chilled out ethos exuded by Derek Vincent Smith and his music is one that's deeply embodied by his ride or die fans. Never hesitate to break into conversation with a stranger at a Pretty Lights show, because chances are they are more than willing to introduce you to their friends…who will in turn introduce you to their friends, and before you know it – you’ve got an entire crew of homies you didn’t have just a few minutes ago!

Often referred to as the Pretty Lights Family, Smith’s fans actively engage in ways to help each other as well as others who may not be as fortunate. The Illuminators, Pretty Lights’ troop of serial do-gooders, wander through the crowds during his shows armed with water, snacks, and smiles in order to make sure the rest of their peers are safe and hydrated.

On a more grassroots level, PLF organized their second annual Act of Kindness on August 8th and 9th - the same days as Pretty Lights’ highly anticipated Red Rocks appearances. This year’s combination of monetary and non-perishable donations were given to Denver Children’s Home in Colorado.

Above & Beyond

Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness, and Paavo Siljamäki make up the dynamic and renowned trio Above & Beyond, and their 2+ million-fan following is one of the most active and loyal families in EDM. For many, this comes as no surprise seeing as the group has consistently ranked in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJ's list, has released 4 full albums with a 5th on the way, and has garnished a heavy following thanks to their Group Therapy sessions, which celebrated its 100th episode at Madison Square Garden. On top of this, their higly-respected brainchild labels Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep have helped the meteoric rise of artists such as Mat ZoAndrew BayerArty, and a slew of others, and their unique "Push The Button" campaign has made the lives of countless dedicated fans across the world.

Dillon Francis

Dillon Francis is a silly dude. His fans are just as silly. The playfulness of this LA native has led to a mass following of die-hards who fully appreciate all of his antics – much of which can be seen almost immediately when checking out his official website. Attend one of his shows, and you will be hard pressed to find vibes that are anything less than positive and energetic. His fans are always willing to go one deeper with the weirdness, having fully embraced his German alter-ego, DJ Hanzel. The jokes never end with Francis, and fortunately, that’s translated into a highly-spirited fan base, which can be seen on the official Dillon Francis Family Facebook page you can visit here.

Big Gigantic

This electro/jazz/percussive duo has effortlessly spawned a big gigantic family of dedicated fans. Big Gigantic’s emphasis on funky beats in combination with an electro soundscape makes their sound very unique in an EDM scene that focuses more on bass heavy, big-room laden sounds. Their fans are just as distinctive, as you’ll find many of them rocking flat brims instead of a fancy club outfit. Their fans are arguably more cohesive because of how peculiar their sound is, which makes them one of the strongest fanbases in the scene today. Big Gigantic is also known for their charity work, working with organizations such as Electric Family to help broaden their reach and "do good" objectives.

Are there any fanbases that should have been included on the list? Let us know in the comments below, and we might include them on a future list of EDM's most dedicated fanbases!

Cover Image Credit: www.Bassnectar.net

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