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5 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 17

Enter the filth factory, where tackling the world's dirtiest drops has become second nature.

Some of these songs might be close to passing their expiration date for Vol. 17, but even drops this moldy could never go stale. While this latest installment is running slighly behind schedule, that by no means grants you permission to skip our weekly dubstep evaluation. I've already got my critic cap tied on tight and I'm prepared to uphold justice for dirty drops everywhere. Who's coming along for the ride?

5. Secoya - Hospital (Twofold Remix)

While Twofold’s remix of Secoya’s “Hospital” didn’t get our top billing in this week’s lineup, I feel very safe saying that this particular track is my personal favorite of this grotesque grouping. While some of you might think, these drops aren’t traditionally dirty. Well, that’s where I’ll very gladly step in and tell you just how very wrong you are. Honestly, it’s precisely that type of thinking that we’re striving to eliminate around these parts. Because lets be honest, there is no secret handbook or step-by-step guide to constructing the perfect grime-coasted dubstep drop. Brostep, melodic, riddim, deep, I do my best to not allow these petty distinctions to detour me from posting a production with drops I deem worthy of praise. Call it whatever you want people, but if it’s dirty, you’re guaranteed to find it here!

4. Grimblee - The Brotherhood Of Satan

For those of you familiar with underground grime, Grimblee is a name that has undoubtedly been all over your radar as of late. When I witnessed Eptic play his debut U.S. performance in Minneapolis last year, it was actually Grimblee who ended up stealing the entire show. Almost a year later, I had the chance to once again watch Grimblee give the decks more then they could handle at Infrasound Music Festival. It was quite a sight! During that set, he was kind enough to bust out this psychotic banger from his then forthcoming Nemesis EP (which has since been released on Prime Audio). “The Brotherhood Of Satan” is your one-way (all-expenses-paid) ticket to the underworld, so I hope you enjoy dancing with the devil. Drops this devious don’t deserve to see daylight.

3. Twine - Throwback Thursday

When it came time to turn my attention to Twine’s recently released Killing Machine EP, I was faced with one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever had to make. How many Twine songs would make this week’s countdown? Because, realistically, all five tracks from this anything-but-ordinary production could garner serious consideration for the open slots in our weekly rotation. However, out of fairness to all the other gifted musicians who put out new material last week, I felt that one Twine tune would definitely do the trick. Now, at first glance, some of you might wonder why I didn’t elect to go with crowd-pleasers like “Killing Machine” & “Testify.” After all, those are the two ear-rippers that producers like 12th Planet, Datsik, & Excision have made a habit of using in their live sets lately. Setting that minor detail aside, “Throwback Thursday” possesses a pair of nasty drops that I would be downright foolish to ignore. Twine continues to elevate dubstep to heights it has never seen.

2. Code: Pandorum - Arkham

Well, there’s no denying that this is by far the hardest track of the bunch this week. Code: Pandorum has quickly become a regular on this recurring segment and it’s fairly easy to see why. After releasing his 2k Likes EP for free, I had a strong inclination that one of these unholy monsters of a song would qualify for dirty drop certification. I was correct. Whether it’s the machine-gun style synth work or the industrial-inspired percussion, “Arkham” literally oozes with this producer’s trademark characteristics. More importantly, every single one of Code: Pandorum’s compositions showcase some of the angriest drops we’ve heard to date! I want to see your most revolting stank face in full-effect for this ruthless tune. Can you do that for me?

1. TrollPhace - Throats

This is unusual. We’ve never had a repeat performance on 5 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week. But you know what they say, there’s a first time for everything. Plus, when you consider that TrollPhace is the producer chalking up back-to-back victories in Volumes 16 & 17, I doubt we’ll receive any strongly worded complaints. With his remix of “Rebel” still making the rounds, TrollPhace decided to celebrate some of his recent success by handing out “Heretic” & “Throats” to his fans for no cost. The latter track - defined by its Daniel Plainview (from There Will Be Blood) vocal sample and unrelenting bass outbursts - was basically as close to a shoe-in as we’ll ever have in our #1 position. There are dirty drops, and then there are TrollPhace drops, it’s imperative that you recognize the difference.

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