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Introducing Kove: An Exclusive Mix & Interview With MTA Record's Finest

It’s been a whirlwind few months for dance floor maestro Kove. After releasing hit tracks such as "Iodine" and "Searching" in 2013, the budding producer was snapped up by Chase & Status' brainchild label MTA Records. Combining rave-ready D&B stompers with melodic House beats, the man otherwise known as James Rockhill has remixed the likes of Foxes, John Newman and Bastille. His performances in 2014 so far have included mega festivals such as Glastonbury and epic performances like a Skrillex b2b set in Ibiza. His new single ‘Way We Are’ ft. Melissa Steel was just released on July 14th, and we got a chance to speak with Kove about this exciting period in his career.

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EDM: Your new single has been very well received. Did you have any preconceptions on how you wanted it to sound before you started?

KO: Not particularly, I normally always write songs from the ground up when I have vocalists in the studio, so there never really is a definite plan of how the tune is going to sound.

EDM: What process did you go through with Melissa Steel on the lyrics and whilst in production?

KO: I tend to leave lyrics to the singer; I'm not particularly good at it so I tend to focus on the actual melody. Really, it’s all about trying to hear the things that the singer isn't necessarily focusing on.

EDM: How have you developed as an artist since joining MTA?

KO: I feel like my song writing has come along a lot since signing. I’m focusing a lot more on actual songs over making dance floor smashers at the moment – a lot of that is down to MTA hooking me up with a great range of vocalists. 

EDM: Where do you want to take your sound now? Can we still expect D&B?

KO: I’m really just making anything at the moment. I’m in a real House vibe at the moment, music that I'm hearing a lot of that excites me. I’ll definitely be dipping back into the fast stuff though, it’s what I made my name in and I still love it.

EDM: Now you’re with such a huge imprint, what are your goals for the coming 12 months?

KO: I just want to make as much music as possible. I’ll have a few more releases before I start work on my album, so I want to work out what direction I want to take that in. 

EDM: Any shows you’re particularly looking forward to over the rest of 2014?

KO: I’m really looking forward to a lot of the festivals this summer. Reading was my first festival as a punter so that will be special, plus I'm heading to Creamfields which should be big. I’m also heading back over to America for Electric Zoo at the end of the summer, which should end the festival season nicely. 

Mix Tracklist: 

Kove - Night Thought VIP 
Kove - Open Ground 
Kove - Searching 
Kove - Gone (6AM Mix) 
Kove - Gobble 
Foxes - Holding On to Heaven (Kove Remix) 
Kove - Iodine 
Kove - Camaro 
Kove - On & On 
Kove - Lose You 
Kove - VCO 
Kove - Love For You 
Bastille - Rhythm of the Night (Kove Remix) 
Kove - Way We Are 
Kove - Way We Are (174 Mix) 
John Newman - Love Me Again (Kove Remix) 
Kove - Melisma

Purchase ‘Way We Are’ feat. Melissa Steel here.

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