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EDM.com Spotlight

Lesware Takes Melbourne Bounce To New Heights With "Rush"

The growing Melbourne house sound has seen a variety of interpretations in recent months, however none of them have stood out quite like the latest bounce-influenced original by the up-and-coming artist Lesware. Released via onelove Records, "Rush" hits the ground running with a jumping bassline and pounding kick intro, and is quickly followed by an epic, saxophone-driven melody unlike anything we've heard before. The intense brass tones perfectly compliment the hard-hitting elements of its intro, and provides a catchy bridge to the party-fueled Melbourne bounce groove it showcases thereafter. We recently spoke with Lesware for a glimpse into his career and production process for "Rush," and you can take a read through our conversation right below the track.

[EDM = EDM.com, LE = Lesware]

EDM: How did you first get into music production, and what lead to your interest in Melbourne house/bounce?

LE: Like a lot of familiar stories, I started out DJing and wanted to further develop myself as an artist so I gave writing music a crack. The Deadmau5 album "Random Album Title" was the first thing to inspire me. I went to SAE and Victoria University which gave me a foundation of knowledge, where I really learnt about Youtube and making friends, funnily enough. I've always been into music with a lot of energy and those driving basslines you hear in Melbourne bounce really caught my attention.

EDM: The Melbourne Bounce sound has had an incredible growth in the last few years, what do you think has contributed to making this genre so catchy?

LE: It has so much energy and people just feed off it, I feel being branded as Melbounre bounce really gives it origin and a sense of culture.

EDM: Is there a certain direction or trend that you see developing in the movement as we move further into 2014?

LE: I guess like anything that is exposed to a wider audience it results in more people add their unique touch. I can’t predict a trend, but I do look forward to seeing what people come up with.

EDM: Your new single "Rush" is an incredibly unique composition of hard-hitting kicks, bouncing bass synths, and a powerful sax-line melody - what was the process like making this hybrid tune?

LE: The first thing that started was the sax-line melody. My friend Bowen (Combo!) passed on a sample pack full of brass so I sampled one of the horns I dug and re-wrote it to what it is. Everything else followed from the bassline over the sax-line to the plucky drop, and it just worked I guess. Nothing was premeditated which was the best part.

EDM: Got any major projects or shows coming up we should know about?

LE: I just polished off a new remix for Onelove, new single coming out soon through MOS with old mate Chardy which I'm amped about, another remix for YES YES Records and more single collabs with Senor Roar, Combo! and J Heasy.

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