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Taryn Manning, Pennsatucky From 'Orange Is The New Black,' Is A DJ

Numerous television stars who moonlight as producers and DJs have emerged over the past few years. This intriguing trend includes Kristian Nairn, known best for his role as Hodor on HBO's fantasy epic Game of Thrones. He recently announced he will be embarking on a "Rave of Thrones" tour in Australia. The trend has continued, as an actress from a hit show has been on tour this summer, and her identity may surprise you. Orange is the New Black star Taryn Manning, who plays simultaneously vilified/beloved character Pennsatucky, regularly tours as a DJ.

One might expect TV stars' DJ sets to reek of novelty, but many actually contain eclectic song selection. In fact, some of their sets are more creative than some main stage DJ sets.

Manning surprisingly spins vinyl and sings her tracks live. She spun in Las Vegas today and San Diego yesterday. She will be playing in Orlando on July 26th. Dascha Polanco, fellow Orange is the New Black actress, will accompany Manning for the Orlando show. 

Manning actually comes from a background of music performance and production. She provided vocals for electronic group Boomkat as well as songs produced by K. Drew and Sultan+Ned Shepard. Listen to K. Drew's remix of Manning's "Send Me Your Love" below!

Also watch Manning describe her life as a DJ.

We can't wait to find more television stars who moonlight as DJs! It's always great to find people who are passionate about dance music.

Written by Cody Smith

Cover photo credit: Netflix

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