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Avicii's New Album To Feature Bon Jovi & Lead Singers Of Coldplay, Green Day & System Of A Down

Early last year, Avicii debuted songs from his True album at Ultra Music Festival and met a largely negative response due to his blend of EDM and country. However, top 40 radio embraced Avicii’s musical direction, as his hit single "Wake Me Up" became Spotify's most streamed song of all time and True sold millions of copies around the world.

Not one to lay dormant for too long, Avicii told Rolling Stone that his True follow-up will feature Jon Bon Jovi, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, Green Day rocker Billie Joe Armstrong, Wyclef Jean, Matisyahu, and System of a Down singer Serj Tankian. The album is slated for release later this year and will include tracks from the 70+ new songs the Swedish producer has been working on for the last few months.

When asked how the new album would compare to True, Avicii answered, "It's going to be a lot more song-oriented. True was an attempt at that, getting electronic music in a song format."

This new album won't be the producer's first attempt experimenting with rock and alternative music. Coldplay collaborated with Avicii on "A Sky Full of Stars" off their latest album, Ghost Stories. Avicii likened Coldplay’s Chris Martin to a big brother.

"He needs every part to be perfect," Avicii said of Martin. "I'm not like that, which is why I've got 70 songs."

While some may question Avicii's list of collaborators, his past success reinforces his ability to cash in on big risks and cross over to the mainstream. Details on the new album's release date, title, or track listing remain unknown, but True's follow-up may just launch Avicii to an entirely new level of fame.

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Written by Cody Smith

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