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EDM.com Spotlight

Method Man & Redman Team Up To Release EDM Track

Hip-hop legends Redman and Method Man have teamed up once again, and this time, they've brought their rapping to an EDM instrumental. The popular How High duo collaborated with German producers GOH and Sugarstarr on a new house-influenced track, "I Used To Be."

Both Method Man and Redman have dabbled in electronic music before. Last year, Method Man was featured on a hard-hitting dubstep track, produced by Doctor P & Adam F. 

Also, Redman teamed up with Break Science on the tracks “Who Got It” and “Brain Reaction."


Many might say this is another example of celebrities jumping on the “EDM bandwagon," but I think their energy and classic flow is well suited for EDM tracks. It breathes new life into rapping and electronic music. Now we wait and see if they take the Waka Flocka route and make a full-on EDM hip-hop album.

Written by Harvit Gill

Cover photo credit: How High (movie)

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