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MetroGnome Creates Mind-Blowing 'Game Of Thrones' Dubstep Remix On His Maschine

MetroGnome has made a name for himself on YouTube with his remixes, which he performs live via his Maschine. His remixes of the Breaking Bad theme song and iPhone ringtone went viral in the past, and he's returned with another theme song remix that has the potential to go viral. This time, he's remixed the Game of Thrones theme song, complete with memorable quotes from the show and a GoT costume. MetroGnome even turns up in the middle of his performance with some wine.

Game of Thrones keeps being inserted into the EDM community, and we love it. There's not much better than combining one of television's best shows with the music we love. Now we just need to make it out to Australia to see Hodor spin during the Rave of Thrones.

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