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EDM.com Spotlight

BTSM Returns From European Tour With Documentary + Interview

Black Tiger Sex Machine has just returned to Canada from their epic European tour, and have brought back with them a captivating new documentary hilighting their time abroad. Featuring a handful of unique tracks released via their Kannibalen label, this down-to-earth documentary takes you inside the minds of BTSM with live show footage, beautiful landscapes, and random group interactions including an impressive freestyle from BTSM member Patrick. EDM.com tracked the trio down to find out what it was like being on the road, and how touring with their new live show was so different from before.

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EDM: What was the biggest difference about this tour compared to your last one?

BTSM: The main difference was actually up on stage. Doing a live set is totally different from doing a DJ set. It involved a lot more preparation. The response from the crowd was even better though, because we were able to do so many more things during the shows. More people knew about us this time around as well, so we had more people who knew all the BTSM and Kannibalen tracks.

EDM: What were the biggest difficulties that you faced on this tour? How did you over come them?

BTSM: Definitely carrying all our live gear with us. Thankfully, having been on tour before, we kind of knew what to expect, so we totally adapted our show to be easy to bring on the road. We built it so that it could be performed in any type of setting, from a big stage to a cramped DJ booth.

EDM: You had Karel come along to film it, what was that like?

BTSM: Karel is an amazing videographer and photographer with great instincts and talent. Since we've worked with him for so long, he understands the vision we have for our visual identity. He did a great job capturing the tour through the documentary and all the pictures we posted on Facebook and Instagram. Not only did he film and photograph all our shows but he also gave us valuable feedback on our performances, such as which tracks or sections were working well, what we should improve or change, how everything was sounding overall, etc. Since he also produces on our label under the alias Karluv Klub, he not only understands all the visual aspects of the shows, but also the musical side of things.

EDM: What did you want to portray in this documentary?

BTSM: We wanted to give all our fans an idea about what life on the road is like for us, i.e. traveling to different cities, playing shows and meeting new people while running a label remotely and working on tracks in all types of locations, from little cafes to train stations.

EDM: What was the best city to play in?

BTSM: It's really hard to pick one city in particular because they were all incredible in their own way. Our shows in France were all massive; we played in Paris with Apashe who is on our label so it was like a mini-Kannibalen reunion party in Europe. We played in some funky locations too: an old prison in Landshut, Germany and a farmhouse in the middle of the countryside in Macerata, Italy.

EDM: What is most important lesson you learned from being on the road with your crew?

BTSM: The most important lesson is to stay focused on why you are on the road: giving great performances for all the fans and music lovers. If that goes well, everything else falls into place!

EDM: Do you have any pieces of advice for producers who are going on tour?

BTSM: Be organized; make sure your travel plans are all rock solid. Get a lot of sleep because you don't want to be tired or sick. It makes traveling and performing painful.

EDM: Anything else you feel like touching upon?

BTSM: Check out Afterworld, the EP we just released which contains two originals and three killer remixes by Kai Wachi, Owl Vision and Mandragora. And be on the lookout for more BTSM material soon. The third anniversary of our label Kannibalen Records is coming up, so we have a lot of exciting stuff prepared!

Contributed by: Gabe Gilker

Photo Credit: Karel Chladek

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