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Kaskade Commemorates His Musical Evolution With Release Of 'I Remember'

Dance music has come a long way, but so has producer Ryan Raddon, better known as Kaskade. Due to the fact that he has been around for quite some time, he has been able to not only witness but also take part in dance music’s transformation, evolution, and growth. Kaskade has built an extensive discography over the years and has embarked on a musical journey, starting before the initial release of his It’s You, It’s Me album in 2003 up to most recent releases, Atmosphere and Redux. His journey is certainly worth celebrating.

Kaskade recently took to his Tumblr page to discuss a compilation album titled I Remember that has been in the works with Ultra Records. The album was released yesterday on iTunes. The progress of his music is presented to the public in a concise album containing 19 Kaskade classics. I Remember in no way signifies the end of Ryan’s career; it’s just there to simultaneously assist in documenting and appreciating his musical highlights.

Although Raddon initially believed the idea of a “greatest hits” compilation mid-career to be kind of crazy, changing his perspective on the subject allowed for Ultra Records to resurface singles from the past. He shared on his Tumblr post, “I even dare to dream that if someone discovers this album and enjoys it, they’ll dig deeper into my catalog, and find some of the quieter moments that aren’t as obvious. Tracks that make those albums, and me as an artist - truly unique.”

The release of I Remember permits the growth of his fan base, the sharing of both the old and new Kaskade tracks, and it allows old-school fans the opportunity to reminisce on some of the most significant work Kaskade has put out.

The full track list for I Remember is below:

  1. I Remember (Strobelite Mix)

    • Kaskade, Deadmau5

  2. Atmosphere

    • Kaskade

  3. Angel On My Shoulder

    • Kaskade, feat. Tamra Keenan

  4. Turn It Down

    • Kaskade, feat. Rebecca & Fiona

  5. Stars Align

    • Kaskade

  6. Eyes

    • Kaskade, feat. Mindy Gledhill

  7. Move For Me

    • Kaskade, Deadmau5

  8. Lessons In Love

    • Kaskade, feat. Neon Trees

  9. Be Still

    • Kaskade

  10. No One Knows Who We Are

    • Kaskade, Swanky Tunes, feat. Lights

  11. Dynasty

    • Kaskade, feat. Haley

  12. Raining

    • Kaskade, Adam K. feat Sunsun

  13. Fire In Your New Shoes

    • Kaskade, feat. Dragonette

  14. Last Chance

    • Kaskade, Project 46

  15. 4AM

    • Kaskade

  16. Room For Happiness (ICE Mix)

    • Kaskade, feat. Skylar Grey

  17. I’ll Never Dream I’m In Love

    • Kaskade, Alex Guadino

  18. *Something Something Champs (Radio Edit)

    • Kaskade, Moguai feat. Zip Zip Through The Night

  19. *Rage In Your New Shoes

    • Kaskade, Deniz Koyu, feat. Dragonette

Written by Nicole Suhr

Purchase I Remember on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/i-remember/id898888783

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