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Skrillex Teaches Legendary Director Ron Howard How To DJ In 'Made In America' Documentary

The Made in America documentary was released on DVD, Blu-Ray, and On-Demand today. Ron Howard, known for directing A Beautiful Mind, Rush, and Apollo 13 and co-creating Arrested Development, directed the documentary about Jay Z's burgeoning music festival. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Howard said, "There was this inspiring expression of possibility, self-reliance and an entrepreneurial spirit, which was what Jay Z was talking about initially, and I kept seeing it pop up over and over again. I wandered into this without any predetermined idea what the film would be about, but this was consistently something that the cameras were picking up."

Oh yeah, Skrillex showed him a few things about DJing, too.

Although Skrillex's DJing skills are often criticized by the EDM community, Howard expressed amazement at his DJing. He says, "I loved seeing your hands. It's like you're a tap-dancer."

Jay-Z added an interesting quote about the staying power of EDM at the end of the clip. The superstar says, "EDM music [sic], people are dismissing as a fad, sort of like they did hip hop. I think it'll be a bit more sticky. I think it's the music of the next generation. It's their soundtrack. It's the music that they're claiming for their own. They'll buy hip hop, and they'll buy other music. But it's like this music is oursIt's very difficult. Kids don't want to listen to their dad's music because they're not cool. They need to be on the cutting edge. This is something that they can claim."

EDM is here to stay, and people like Ron Howard and Jay Z are helping legitimize the music in the eyes of the non-believers.

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