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Eric Prydz Releases A Preview Of His Upcoming Pryda EP

The man, the myth, the progressive house legend himself, Eric Prydz is teasing his fans with a preview of his four-track EP, Pryda 028, due out August 4th. Fresh off the release of an anthemic summer track, "Liberate," Pryda 028 offers fans a glimpse into the roots of Pryda.

The EP is a boundless, enigmatic compilation that uniquely reflects Prydz’ dark room club roots. Pryda 028 induces a tranquilizing, exquisite mood that is destined to provoke free-spirited emotions on the dance floor. An idiosyncratic mixture of ingenious melodies, Prydz provides a dynamic purpose for audiences to embrace and lose themselves in the music.

The first track on Prydz 028, "Mija," gives you an idea of the talent Prydz possesses. Prydz weaves together a pulsing, wobbling bass line with glittering, melodic synths to create a gem that will make listeners lose their mind. One trademark of a classic Prydz tune is the audial journey, which asks listeners to surrender themselves to the music and completely lose themselves.

The next two tracks off of Pryda 028, "Origins" and "Backdraft," have been teased by Prydz in recent sets. "Origins" gives us a brief look into the darker, grimey techno side of Pryda, and it almost crosses over into being a Cirez D track, which is the techno alias of Prydz. The track combines the chant “house music” with a throbbing bassline and the well-known Pryda snare. "Backdraft," on the other hand, is a track that finds its roots in classic Pryda style - pulsing bass, glittering synths, and melodic piano rifts. "Backdraft" is a track that I would expect to hear on any other Pryda EP or album, showcasing Prydz’s ability to weave and masterfully create progressive house wonders for his fans.

The last track, "Axis," is going to be the next progressive house anthem. Much like his last release, "Liberate," Axis has a poppy, anthemic feel to it that will draw in any house lover. He opens the track with a brilliant, melodic overture before breaking it down in classic Prydz style, complete with blasting bass that perfectly captures his skill at sound synthesis and creating a masterpiece.

Ten years and 28 releases since its inception, the Pryda label is still going strong and doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. According to the press release for the EP, Pryda 028 “speaks to Prydz' love of dark rooms and late nights, dance floors filled with people with their heads down - audiences losing themselves in a journey, surrendering to the music, rather than demanding another recognizable drop."

Pryda 028 intermixes resonating hooks and deep, intimate synth lines. Rhythmic repetitions layered with downbeat progressions deliver a series of flawless pieces. Prydz’ archetypal, fearless method continuously presents fans with something divergent and eccentric to look forward to from the Swede.

Between main stage performances and his work under his techno alias Cirez D, Prydz virtually delivers equilibrium between massive festival acts to small-room techno funks, establishing his singular and unparalleled identity.

Withstanding an onslaught of modern electronic music over the past ten years, Eric Prydz and Pryda Recordings delineate a sequence of sound that is truly one of a kind.

Written by Carissa Gerzeny and Tommy Tsao

Cover photo credit: Rukes

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