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5 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 18

Beat up your aural cavities with this pack of dubstep annihilators.

Y'all know what time it is? That's right, Volume 18 is finally coming to you live with five beat-rocking rhythms! Dubstep (especially the underground scene) seems to be experiencing a surge in popularity as of late and bass music producers everywhere are increasingly feeling the need to step up their game. Bottom line, we're all about fun and games here at EDM.com, because when drops sound this insanely dirty, we all go home winners at the end of the day.

5. JPhelpz - RoboZomb

The only thing better than new JPhelpz, is free JPhelpz. Fresh off the success of his Living Dead EP on Firepower Records, this producer brings out the mechanical vibes once again with “RoboZomb.” You’ll be dead meat the second that a sliver of this twisted song even grazes your eardrums! I mean, lets be real here people, in the dubstep kingdom, what could be more entertaining than the prospect of a massive robot/zombie army? Um, absolutely nothing, that’s what. While the two hazardous drops in this heavy-howler might not be identical to one another, they have no shortage of similarities. Bass with bravado, synths with sinister intent, and most importantly, an overall attitude that projects an, “I don’t give a #&!$ about your well-being,” sort of sentiment. For those of you not on the JPhelpz bandwagon yet, the joke’s on you.

4. SQUNTO - Sirens

Well, if this were a competition for funniest drops of the week, SQUNTO would win hands down (mostly due in part to his use of hysterical vocal samples). Unfortunately, there are other aspects that we factor into our dirty drop decision-making and “Sirens” didn’t quite have the strength to crack this week’s top 3. Having said that, slot #4 is nothing to scoff at! Plenty of talented musicians have landed on the lower half of our countdown with dubstep decimators that could turn you inside out. Loaded with a poisonous pairing of demonic drops and machine-gun bass that’s guaranteed to leave your body full of bullet holes, the latest chaos from SQUNTO has sent our entire nation into a state of utter panic. Somebody should sound the sirens, because drops this lawless need to be locked up for 25 to life.  

3. VMP - Turn Back

Out of all the musicians to appear on Volume 18, VMP could very well be the one name that many of you still don’t recognize yet. Well, it’s not going to take long for that trend to change, trust me. Following up his releases of “Interruption” and his remix of Alpha Noize’s “Moist Wanted,” “Turn Back” is the type of dubstep nastiness that we can never seem to get enough of. The noticeable variation in each of this tune’s two drops is by far the most intriguing element of this entire production. Our dubstep audience can go balls-to-the-wall wild for the first drop while our trap fanatics will boogie like there’s no tomorrow when the second drop begins. This large and in charge bass track from VMP is sure to please the masses.

2. Dr. Ozi - Beat Down

Dr. Ozi made a very compelling case to walk away as this week’s titleholder. But alas, “Beat Down” found a comfortable resting spot in our #2 position instead. The Canadian duo has built a reputation around manufacturing bass music that murks anybody who so much as stares at it the wrong way! So when you press the play button on a Dr. Ozi track, just be warned that you’re making a firm commitment to witnessing dubstep destruction first-hand. Burning buildings, broken bridges, & human casualties are the most common side effects associated with tunes of this nature. Dr. Ozi’s brand of dubstep is directly responsible for a lot of bloodshed, so you might want to grab an apron (or a raincoat) before listening.

1. Au5 - Follow You (Ft. Danyka Nadeau) (VIP Mix)

I think it’s very important for our dubstep soldiers to realize just how beyond amazing Au5 is. Sure, he might not make the same type of filth that artists like D-Jahsta, JPhelpz, & Sadhu bring to the table, but he’s more than capable of engineering a dirty drop or two. In fact, I’d even go as far as to suggest that some of his productions could - without any extra effort - blow away some of the hardest and heaviest dubstep tracks you’ve ever heard. Most recently, Au5 has garnered attention for his Follow You (The Remixes) EP, which was released through our friendly homies over at Monstercat. While the majority of the EP revolves around reworks from other musicians, Au5 managed to get his hands messy with this voluptuous VIP. I’ve been listening to this scalding bass tune for two weeks straight and I still break out in goose bumps every time the ludicrous drops hit. After experiencing Au5, other dubstep just won’t quite measure up.

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