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EDM.com Spotlight

Adventure Club Releases 'Superheroes Anonymous 5: Road Trip Edition'

Adventure Club, consisting of Christian Srigley and Leighton James, just released their latest Superheroes Anonymous Mix, and it’s a Road Trip edition. It is the perfect summer mix for you to blast in your car while on a long drive.

Adventure Club kicks it off with an unreleased melodic track they worked on with DallasK called “The Drug (CrashAlienzzzzzzzzzz),” which immediately catches the attention of listeners and draws them in with its harmonius sound and beautiful female vocals. From there, the tempo quickly picks up and the mix takes off. Listeners are in for a 75-minute ride filled with an eclectic mix of sounds and new tunes from a vast amount of artists, ranging from Skrillex and Botnek to Fall Out Boy and Ciara. This mix does an excellent job of showing the duo’s incredible ability to bring a variety of different genres into the electronic world.  

The mix features a new track from Snails, and Adventure Club lists him on their special Canadian shout out list for “keeping the maple leaf alive.” The song has yet to be identified, but it is unbelievably well produced. With his signature watery bass and trap sound, this track is definitely a highlight. Another ID from Snails and Atlanta’s HeRobust is presented later on in the mix.

Another standout track is Arty’s remix of “Lionhearted.” With the upcoming release of Porter Robinson’s Worlds album, it’s no surprise to see one of his songs featured. The inspirational and majestic sound of “Lionhearted” works wonderfully with Arty’s production style. The remix seamlessly fits in Adventure Club’s stunning mix.

Leighton and Christian are in the midst of a huge summer. Although their schedule is hectic, they still managed to compose a flawless mix while simultaneously hitting some of our favorite music festivals. According to the mix’s SoundCloud description, they even found some time to take selfies with The Chainsmokers’ moms. These guys are all about their fans and it’s obvious they want to put out something special for them. They also ensure to dedicate time to working together with Electric Family. If you haven’t checked out their recent project with Electric Family, you can read all about it here: http://edm.com/blog/adventure-club-electric-family-do-good-recap.

Written by Sean Flynn and Nicole Suhr

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