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Mimosa Pours Vodka On Downlink While At Mystic Music Festival

For many of us, being in the public eye also means being on our best behavior, especially when it involves our reputation and career. This is certainly not the case for everyone.

The Oakland-based dj/producer Mimosa provided quite a show for Houston's Mystic Music Festival late last night, as he reportedly poured a bottle of Grey Goose vodka on fellow headliner Downlink due to "scheduling issues." According to Oscillator Z, an up-and-coming producer/dj at the festival, Mimosa became disgruntled when he was asked to to step away from the decks, which led to him to throwing his microphone on the CDJ's, screaming profanities into the microphone including "F*ck Downlink," and ultimately grabbing his bottle of Grey Goose and pouring it on the dubstep pioneer's head. Below is an account of the incident described by Oscillator Z on his personal page.

Mimosa later took his anger to Twitter, where he provided a number of rude and disheartening messages to Downlink and his fans. Before removing his post from Twitter only a few hours later, here's what he had to say.

Mimosa has been an iconic producer in dubstep, trap, and the hybrid "future trill" genre he pioneered in the late 2000's, however it appears now that his work is being shadowed by his ill-mannered outburst at shows and further disrespect to the scene. Whether his issues are related to his mentality, drug use, or something more, we sincerely hope that Mimosa puts his career into perspective and discontinues damaging his image and creating drama in the EDM industry. 

Header Image Credit: Magnum PR

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