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Diplo Premieres 'Random White Dude Be Everywhere' [Stream]

Diplo is Everywhere!

From his recent time in the studio with Madonna, to his new remix of Lorde’s “Tennis Court,” and his latest Random White Dude Be Everywhere compilation being premiered through the popular content sharing website BuzzFeed, Diplo is that random white dude who's everywhere. The compilation includes new originals and remixes, as well as some of your favorite Diplo tracks from the past.

The completely new track is an original with Diplo and Alvaro, “6th Gear,” featuring lyrics from KStylis. One of the other new tracks, “Techno” is from Yellow Claw, Diplo and LNY TNZ, featuring Waka Flocka Flame. Both of these tracks have trap influences and feature rap vocals on top of the instrumental. “Techno” also has elements of hardstyle, currently one of the fastest growing subgenres of EDM with its distorted kicks, which are most prevalent at the end of the track. Ironically enough, “Techno” actually has very little, if any, techno influences, which probably won’t help the common fan in distinguishing between different genres.

The compilation also includes previously released Diplo originals “Express Yourself,” “Biggie Bounce,” “Freak,” “Boy Oh Boy,” and “Revolution,” along with one remix of each of those tracks.

Additionally, if you want to ask Diplo questions about the compilation (or anything else), he’s doing a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) tomorrow, July 29. Stay tuned for more details on that!

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