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EDM.com Spotlight

Fox Stevenson Flexes His Muscles On His Recent 'Throwdown EP'

For those of you that failed to tune in when we posted Fox Stevenson’s All This Time EP two months back, today is your chance to make up for your previous oversight. The evolution of electronic dance music has brought about tons of different sounds, but none are quite as original as the pop-infused, (mostly) drum & bass stylings of Fox Stevenson. Not to mention that on top of being the producer behind each one of these enthusiastic tunes, Mr. Stevenson also supplies the lively vocals for all of his high-energy productions. His new Throwdown EP was released through Firepower Records a couple weeks ago, and we’ve had these surreal songs on repeat. 

When I first discovered the artist formerly known as Stan SB (now Fox Stevenson), he had a raw and unique sound that I hadn’t heard from anybody else in the music industry. I knew right then and there that if this guy was able to acquire the proper support, the sky was the limit. Well, after being backed by plenty of big name producers and labels over the course of the past year, Fox has clearly found a void to fill. His five-tune Throwdown EP has had no problem entertaining our ear canals for the last few weeks.

The happy-go-lucky track “High Five” serves as a perfect introduction to the EP's sound, showcasing the strong bass synths and hard-hitting drums. Shortly afterwards, my personal favorite, “Double Up,” makes its presence felt around the globe with its sub-shaking bassline. "Throwdown" adds a hybrid trap-turned-drum & bass element to the release, and both “Manage” and “All In” tie things up nicely with the classic Fox Stevenson feel. If there’s any composition on this EP that doesn’t make you want to dance the day away, we clearly haven’t found it.

In our humble opinion, it’s in your best interest to immediately turn your attention towards Fox Stevenson now and for the future. Click here to buy his bass-laden Throwdown EP.

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