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Watch The Trailer For Dirty South's New Short Film 'With You'

After recently signing to Astralwerks, Grammy-nominated producer Dirty South has been hard at work. His second studio album, With You, is due out this fall, and he is looking to release an absolute game changer. To accompany the release of his album, Dirty South has written, shot, and directed a new short film of the same name. 

"A lot of people assumed I was making a music video," Roganovic tells Billboard in a phone interview from London. "I get the skepticism, the idea of a DJ making a movie probably rolled a few eyeballs, but it was really a serious project."

The science fiction/romance film tells the story of a young boy who falls in love with a girl from another planet. The girl has uncontrollable powers and ends up wiping the boy's memory after they kiss. Then after many years, the boy sets out on a mission to find her. Check out the trailer to With You below.

Dirty South plans to enter the short into film festivals and will be screening it in Los Angeles on August 11th. With You, the album, will be released on September 30th.

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