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EDM.com Spotlight

Kayzo Is One Of EDM's Most Talented Up-And-Coming Producers [Interview]

Kayzo has been climbing the EDM ladder rather quickly in the past couple months, and his recent remix of Carnage's track "Bricks" featuring Migos is an example of his talent. The original version of this track, although awesome, lacks some very key elements as far as live festival performance is concerned. Kayzo beat everyone to the punch and did it well. Not only this, but he took the risk of enveloping the track around a style that is a bit foreign to mainstream ears: hardstyle.

This remix is a guaranteed party starter, as its aggressive pace heightens your heart rate accompanied with ear-drenching synths that truly cause an out-of-body experience. Just when you think you know what's going on, Kayzo swings in a left hook with a slur of aggressive trap. Merging so many creative styles into one track, it's no wonder he is quickly becoming one of the top producers to keep your eyes and ears on. EDM.com had the chance to interview Kayzo, so hit play on "Bricks" and learn more about the up-and-coming producer below!

(D = David Lee Crow of EDM.com; K = Kayzo)

D: Yo, Kayzo where are you from, man?

K: I'm originally from Houston, Texas, but I moved out to LA in 2012 for Icon Collective (a production school in Los Angeles) and graduated after 9 months.

D: Were you always producing hard style or did you merge from a multitude of genres? 

K: To be honest, I went into tons of different genres. You name it, from electro to dubstep. I just didn't want to be stuck in one genre. Hardstyle developed for me over the past 6 months with my track "Tekken." So this allowed me to span out and push my boundaries, and I was definitely inspired to get into hardstyle by Flosstradamus. 

D: That's right, "Tekken" has done really well for itself hasn't it? 

K: Definitely, Excision hit me up and asked for stems so he could play it with Destroid. Now, it's being signed to Ministry of Sound with Krewella. It's done a lot for me and seeing this showed me that I could really get into this and turn it into a successful career. 

D: As for the "Bricks" remix, how did you go about making it? 

K: Honestly, I made it in about 2 hours in a coffee shop. I really liked what Carnage and Migos did, but I personally felt that it could use a more festival vibe, and 2 hours later, it was done.

D: How did it feel to witness so many people reacting so well to Carnage dropping your remix at EDC? 

K: It was mind blowing to see how well received the track was by so many people who are involved in the mainstream aspect of this industry. 

D: Where do you see hardstyle in the next year? 

K: Well everything really blew up with big room in the past year, but hardstyle is an evolved version because it has the same idea--just way grittier and way faster. I think people kinda got over that typical sound, and this is way harder.

D: Any projects you can tell us about? 

K: I'm currently working with Say My Name on a Trap/Hardstyle EP, and I've got a 11 new songs and a couple remixes that will be coming out in the future.

D: Is there any finals words you have to say to the fans? 

K: Just keep an ear out. I have a ton of new music coming out very soon and some really exciting announcements in the future!

Article written by David Lee Crow

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