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EDM.com Spotlight

TreEDM - How One Record Label Is Giving Back To The EDM Community

OHM Records, an up-and-coming record label based out of the United Kingdom, is taking a new approach to the way they give back to the dance community.

Earlier this month, OHM Records announced that they will be launching the TreEDM project to thank the many customers, musicians, and promotional networks that play a part in developing their label and scene as a whole. This is an incredibly sentimental and benevolent scheme, as it aims to plant a tree for every 75 records that are sold through the label. The record label will then choose an individual or establishment to dedicate the tree to, further crediting those who have worked towards growing OHM Records. 

The first tree planted for the TreEDM campaign has been dedicated to us, The EDM Network. On the OHM Records blog, the label wrote: '“We dedicate this tree from everybody at OHM Records to The EDM Network. The whole team at The EDM Network have supported people whilst growing something big from nothing. This tree signifies the hard work they do, the support they provide and that something so large can come from something so small."

We are eternally grateful for this honor, and we're looking forward to seeing OHM Records plant more trees in the name of dance music. Check out the label's talented roster here and take a listen to the latest release from the label via SoundCloud.com/Drumstep!

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