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5 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 19

Volume 19 hits you harder than a tidal wave of bricks!

When you've got questions about the latest developments in the world of dirty dubstep drops, we've got your answers. Week in and week out, you know we'll always have you covered here at EDM.com. For Volume 19 of our grimy little series, we venture into some uncharted territory. Names like Trolley Snatcha & Zomboy will definitely jump off the page initially, but some of the best work in this week's countdown comes courtesy of more "low-key" producers (i.e. EH!DE, The Plesk, 12Gauge) in the dubstep industry. Who's ready for some massive drops?

5. EH!DE - Destroy All Humans

When EH!DE set out on this aural adventure, he only had one objective on his mind: to “Destroy All Humans.” Well, luckily for him (and perhaps not too much for us), he achieved that goal relatively easily. Having developed a habit for going H.A.M. with bass music sledgehammers, deep down you should’ve known that the chances of you making it out of this pulverizer alive were slim to none. However, even with that knowledge at your fingertips, you know damn well that you’re more than ready and willing to hop directly into this body-burying tune’s forceful drops. So whatever you do, just don’t ignore your instincts. It appears that EH!DE won’t rest until mankind is added to the endangered species list.

4. The Plesk - Pain Don't Hurt

Apparently this hub is just a breeding ground for unfathomably dirty dubstep drops! Our first song (in slot #5) was about mass destruction and now The Plesk is teaching us a thing or two about enduring pain. If you manage to walk away from this week’s installation in anything less than a full body cast, then the big man upstairs must have your back. “Pain Don’t Hurt” sends a loud and clear message to anybody listening, either man the f*ck up or run home with your tail tucked between your legs. The choice is yours, and the time is now. Characterized by mechanical synths and bass that won’t hesitate to sweep your legs out from under you, these substantial drops will surely leave you in a daze! Who would’ve ever guessed that all this pain could result in so much pleasure?

3. Zomboy - Outbreak (Ft. Armanni Reign)

This Zomboy bass ballad will have your heart rate shooting through the roof! I swear, the first time I got a taste of “Outbreak,” I felt like my house had been converted into a space shuttle ready for takeoff. Using the fiery vocals of Armanni Reign as rocket fuel, this tune’s initial drop launched me into outer space at incomprehensible speeds. As the skin was slowly peeled off my skeleton and my bones were reduced to dust from the sheer velocity, I still never had a second thought cross my mind about taking on that sassy second drop. The odds suggested that this drop could be much nastier than the first, but that was a chance I had to take. You never know if you never try, right? And man am I glad I did, because that second time around is just at fierce as the first! Circle August 4th on your calendars, because that’s when Zomboy’s The Outbreak LP officially hits shelves.

2. 12Gauge - Clappa Hunde

Wow, now we’re finally getting into some of that really filthy type of dubstep grime. I’m talking about the kind of drops that make a mud-wrestling match look like a cleaning supply convention. I’m strictly speaking about the stuff that makes a mountain of dirty diapers smell like a giant field of roses. I’m referring to a brand of dance music so repugnant, that it’ll turn dumpster diving into your idea of a luxury restaurant. Okay, I think you all get where I’m going with this, because 12Gauge’s new masterpiece is the real deal when it comes to satisfying all of the dirty drop qualifications listed above. Continuous onslaughts of bone-crushing bass make “Clappa Hunde” one for the record books! 12Gauge might be second fiddle this week, but only by the skin of his teeth.

1. Flinch & Infuze - Belly Of The Beast (Ft. Elan) (Trolley Snatcha Remix)

I think it took me all of about two seconds into this song’s drops to determine that it was my outright #1 selection for Volume 19. Trolley Snatcha has always been a menacing presence in the dubstep universe and his “Belly Of The Beast” remix is a true testament to this musician’s bizarre approach to bass music. While the synths emanating from this track might resemble some of the more common sounds in dubstep, it’s the orchestration of his noises that separates him from all of the average Joes out there. Trolley Snatcha’s instrumental organization is as squeaky clean as it is insanely innovative! Which, at the end of the day, is the filthiest thing we could ask for.

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