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CBS Reporter Names 'EDM' As A Type Of Molly In Stunning Display Of Incompetence

In a stunning display of incompetence, Christina Hager of WBZ News, Boston's CBS affiliate news station, stated, "Part of that education is around the drug Molly, also called MDMA or EDM, forms of ecstasy federal drug agents say is often mixed with even more harmful chemicals." Her news story was focused on drug education following last week's massive number of hospitalizations during Avicii's Boston show. I'd recommend watching the entire video below to gain some context on the situation, but if you just want to hear her mistake, fast forward to 57 seconds into the video.

Some people might think it's funny that a reporter made this mistake. However, a news story like this is terrible for the EDM community. The community is constantly fighting the stereotype that all EDM listeners must be hooked on drugs. Now, we have a reporter on a major local news station spouting misinformation. Boston-area parents who watched the story might automatically think that EDM is MDMA now, and this could cause a world of hurt for their children who listen to dance music. 

It's shocking that a reporter for a CBS affiliate would not fact check her work before talking about it on television. This is a sensitive subject that deserves to be researched by the media who report on it. People who watch the news often take everything they hear at face value. Hager's terrible mistake has the potential to harm the entire EDM community in the Boston area. This might seem like we're blowing Hager's statement out of proportion, but who truly knows how far reaching the consequences of something like this can be?

Yes, the Avicii show led to mass hospitalizations, and drug education can help save lives. All I ask is that the EDM community receives fair and balanced reporting that is free of factual errors. We can't afford to have people like Christina Hager report on the community we've all worked to build.

[H/T: Your EDM]

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