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EDM.com Spotlight

5 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 16

It's an all-out sprint to our #1 spot this week. Who will break the ribbon at the finish line?

Most weeks, I like to dive into the deepest depths of the dubstep scene to see what type of filthiness I can uncover. However, Volume 16 contains five submissions from names that I would expect most of our audience to be fairly familiar with by now. Does that automatically make these tunes any more or less disgusting? Of course not! This segment has never been a popularity contest (and never will be), but if it was, all the cool kids clearly showed up this week.

5. Megalodon - Danger Zone

We’re about to parachute directly into the “Danger Zone,” so you better get suited up and ready to join us on this free-falling dubstep expedition of a lifetime. As high-speed winds gruesomely peel your skin off the bone, the unbalanced atmospheric pressure causes your exposed skeleton to fracture in multiple places. When your body finally slams into the pavement, your remains are instantly converted into a tiny pile of dust. If somebody could lend us a broom and dustpan, that would be extremely helpful. Megalodon’s monster banger appeared on the star-studded Never Say Die x UKF Vol. 3, and truth be told, it was one of the grimier tunes that the 20-track release had to offer. There’s no safe way to traverse drops these treacherous!

4. MUST DIE! & Mantis - Culture

I’ve never been shy about professing my affinity for anything and everything MUST DIE!. Then you take into account that Mantis - one of our other favorite names in deadly dubstep - linked up with him on this brand new collaboration, and it was game over before the first second had even ticked off the game clock. A sister song of “Danger Zone,” “Culture” acts as the second representative from the filth-coated Never Say Die x UKF Vol. 3. Grab a couple extra pairs of earplugs, because you’re going to need them for this one! No, seriously, the excessive amount of damage caused by this aural annihilator is simply unprecedented. Experts have warned us that listening to these gnarly drops at loud volumes can lead to spastic limb syndrome and permanent wompface, Be careful kiddos.

3. Bassnectar - Noise (Ft. Donnis)

There were a couple remarkable releases in the EDM world last week, but none was more anticipated than Bassnectar’s new Noise vs Beauty album. While the 15-track production focuses on a wide variety of genres, we all could’ve guessed that this producer would embrace his dirty side at one point or another. When “Noise” first came over the airwaves, I wasn’t quite sure if it would possess the mind-blowing drops I was so actively trying to seek out. However, I was willing to be patient, and boy did that patience pay off in the long run! The introduction immediately lures you in with a rebellious vocal sample claiming, “I do what I wanna do, I do what I like.” Shortly afterwards, the first drop erupts into a whirlwind of traumatizing tones and paralyzing pulsations! The second breakdown is almost a mirror image, excluding the addition of the vocals. Short-lived drops can still pack a punch, just ask Bassnectar.

2. JPhelpz - Brains (Ft. Algorethym)

This could very well be the toughest decision I’ve ever had to make in regards to placing a song in our #1 or #2 position. Everything about “Brains” screams outright dirtiest drop of the week, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. You’ll soon find out why. But in the meantime, let’s shift the focus back onto one of heavy dubstep’s biggest heartthrobs, JPhelpz. His Genius LP caused a ton of commotion when it was released on Prime Audio back in mid-May and now he’s teamed up with Firepower Records to bring us his brand new Living Dead EP. You could make the argument that any of the four tracks from this disturbing production could meet out dirty drop standards, but this Algorethym collab was the obvious selection if you ask me. It’s sturdy, it’s steady, and most importantly, its drops are nastier than a beached whale carcass!  

1. David Heartbreak - Rebel (TrollPhace Remix)

When Skrillex & 12th Planet develop a habit of playing your song in their live sets, there’s a good chance that it’s certifiably nasty. That's precisely the case with TrollPhace’s new remix of David Heartbreak’s “Rebel.” Ever since this bass music tsunami surfaced last week, the collective dubstep community has dropped everything their doing and redirected their efforts to supplying TrollPhace with more support than you could ever fathom. It’s amazing what having reputable names play your music can do for your image. While this producer’s trajectory has completely shifted over the past couple months, he’s never once forgotten what got him to this point – dubstep drops that leave his loyal listeners pushing up daisies! TrollPhace is bringing that underground bass sound back to the forefront of dance music. Respect the beard.

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