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Revitalize Your Day With A Morning Rave

Those who dare to venture out before the sun breaks can illuminate their mornings at a rave called Daybreaker. Taking place before workdays at the emergence of dawn, the dance party takes place in different cities around the world. However, the original Daybreaker started in New York City.

The morning movement is revolutionary to dance culture, bringing about a creative environment and amiable atmosphere that unites a crowd to celebrate life at 7am to a groovy electronic soundtrack. Flamboyant costumed characters roam around the club; meanwhile, a packed dance floor lets loose under strobe lights surrounded by glow-in-the-dark hula-hoop dancers—all before beginning a “normal” workday.

Daybreaker invites young professionals and entrepreneurs dressed in office attire or athletic apparel to enjoy an exciting dance party. It is also a great place for people to network before work. Another refreshing feature of the event is that it is alcohol-free, serving coffee, espresso and fresh juices instead. Also, they offer  yoga and massages, all included in the entry fee. Uplifting melodies, progressive sounds, and energetic tunes fill a room of high-spirited attendees. The abstinence gives this lighthearted gathering a sentient of revitalizing ambience. Elite Daily did a feature on the event. Watch it below!

Since Daybreaker’s debut in December of last year, the dance series has darkened morning venues and lightened its music to create a rave that is beyond one’s imagination. Previous Manhattan Daybreaker events have been hosted at Gilded Lily and Hotel Chantelle. The recent Brooklyn soirée was held at Verboten, a venue that is home to underground dance music. The club is equipped with skylights, high quality production, and an enormous disco ball, resulting in a successful wake-up thrill.

The Daybreaker occasions have initiated a new, exquisite, and beautiful meaning to life and the dance community. The next Daybreaker parties will take place in San Francisco on August 5th and New York on August 6th. 

Written by Carissa Gerzeny

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Cover photo credit: Business Insider

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