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Eptic's New Remix Of Barely Alive Will Blow You Away [Interview]

Originally from Belgium, the 21-year-old Eptic has made a huge name for himself in only a matter of two years. He's landed a #1 spot on the Dubstep charts on Beatport and signed to Never Say Die Records at 19. Eptic has shown what a motivated and determined producer can accomplish.

Eptic recently played his first shows in California, but when he first started out, he had no idea his music would take him this far. We had the chance to speak with him at his San Diego show at Somewhere Loud. We've coupled the interview with his new remix of Barely Alive's "Sell Your Soul," which we uploaded to The EDM Network's Dubstep.NET channel. Hit play below and learn more about one of dubstep's most talented producers!

(A = Alec Figueroa; E = Eptic)

A: Why did you to start producing, and at what age?

E: I started making music at 14 or 15 with one of my friends that had a cracked version of FL Studio. Never did I expect anything to happen from it. When I got signed at 17, I didn't even know why people liked my music, but then it started growing and it finally hit me. I am still in shock that it happened like this, but so grateful as well!

A: Where did you get the name Eptic?

E: It's a lame explanation. When I was younger, I had medical issues, and they thought it was epilepsy. It turned out not to be, but as terrible as it sounds, I first gave myself the name of DJ Epileptic. After a good two more months of thinking, though, I eventually came up with Eptic. I just liked the sound of it for some reason, but I am glad I found something that was similar and original.

A: What did you listen to before electronic dance music, and what do you like now?

E: Well, before anything electronic, I used to listen to cheesy 80s music, and then eventually D&B was my gateway into EDM. However, I can't listen to general EDM anymore, either, which is another thing. Don't get me wrong; I still like some of it, but none of that big room stuff, ya know? However, I love to have variety when listening to music. So now I love some hip hop and old rock tunes. It's refreshing to get a break from the heavy bass sometimes!

A: How would you compare your sound to other producers? What sets you apart?

E: Good question. Well, at first, I thought my stuff was crap. I would sample so much music, but I would love creating these awesome melodic tunes. Sometimes, I think it's catchy, but not every single one. Sometimes, the ones I didn't even like...My own friends would get mad at me for getting stuck in their heads! So I guess that would be one of the things in my producing that I would say makes me unique. I want to give the crowd an amazing time too and give them a fun night!

A: What's been your most memorable event so far, and why was it so special?

E: That is hard to answer because every show was extremely fun. I do have to say though that last night at the Yost Theater in Santa Ana was one of the craziest nights I have experienced! The big, glistening chandelier and the colorful lasers were right over my head. It was a great introduction to our first show in SoCal. Tonight at Somewhere Loud, the  energy factor in the crowd was outrageous. Then we found out that both of the shows were sold out Definitly a weekend in the books for me.

A: Which events would you like to play at?

E: I think what I really want to do first is play an American festival. Touring with artists such as Cookie Monsta and Zomboy and seeing them play these shows this year has inspired me to work harder. I want to play at EDC Las Vegas next year! I mean, I've heard about it for a while and already performed at Tomorrowland, so I think it is something that I should really try and make happen. I can only imagine playing at TomorrowWorld, Electric Zoo, Spring Awakening, and many more as well!

A: What attracted to you the EDM scene? 

E: Drum & Bass when I was 14 years old. At first I got into Pendulum, then dubstep came along. At first I hated it, but two years later, I was crazy about making it! The music will forever be my favorite thing, and it's crazy to say that it is my life now.

A: Which artists would you like to collaborate with?

E: It is hard to say because I want to collaborate with a lot of people! Zomboy and Must Die are my top two right now though. Eventually, I would love to make a track with Flume, or maybe even try something with D&B artists.

A: If you could change one thing about your journey to this point in time, what would it be?

E: I made so many stupid choices with labels, association, etc.. and I just wish I didn't say yes to every opportunity. However, the best teacher is experience, so I guess I am just learning as I go. It is crazy to see the scene change with the different types of people you encounter during your travels.

A: What can we expect from you this summer?

E: I'm not sure what I want to do yet. I still go to school for illustration, but of course I still want to focus on my music. I want to launch my own project eventually that is different from dub and more futuristic sounding. Something similar to Flume, but still have that dubstep kind of feel.

A: Where will we see Eptic in 3 years from now?

E: I want to make it to some American festivals very soon. Also, I want to release some solid new production with bigger artists. I have big dreams, and it is only a matter of time. Until then, I am just grateful for where I have made it so far and can only imagine what the future holds.

Contributed by Alec Figueroa

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