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10 EDM Acts To Watch At Lollapalooza

Lolla wheels out a delicious buffet of EDM acts for this year's massive festival.

With Lollapalooza scheduled to take place over the August 1st-3rd weekend, we needed to make sure to provide you with all the important details in regards to this year's EDM performers. Known for being Chicago's most prestigious music festival, the enormity of this downtown get together is unlike anything you'll ever lay eyes on. Great music, great weather, and great people plan to be out in abundance, so it shouldn't be very difficult to enjoy yourself all weekend long.

Above & Beyond

The trio behind Anjunabeats will be bringing their trance flavor to the windy city this upcoming weekend. Above & Beyond is consistently one of the first names to be mentioned when it comes to trance, and their live performances are some of the most prolific around. It’s a little unfortunate that the group is scheduled to play so early on Friday (5:45-7:00pm), but please don’t let that detour you from making your way to Perry’s for what promises to be a memorable show. There’s no question that Above & Beyond qualifies as a can’t-miss act.


Next on the list is our lone trap music soldier of the bunch. Brillz has built quite a reputation for himself behind the backing of plenty of loyal fans. However, his set is scheduled so early, 2:00-3:00pm on Friday afternoon, that we have some concerns about what the crowd might look like at that point. Well, lucky for you, you can definitely have a say in the matter. While half of the metropolis will still be stuck in an office building somewhere, you’ll be out and about, enjoying Brillz underneath the sun. Heavy bass music is hard to come by at Lolla, so our advice is to get it in while you can.

Chase & Status

The UK duo has been around for ages and if you’ve never had the opportunity to witness one of their live sessions, we highly recommend it. Personally, I had the chance to catch Chase & Status during the final year of Starscape (2012), and it’s an experience that I will always hold near and dear to my heart. Categorizing their versatile sound would be a futile venture, so don’t even bother trying. From dubstep to house, drum & bass to hip-hop, Chase & Status always have a couple surprises up their sleeves.


Come 2:00pm on Sunday afternoon, crunkstep is going to become Lollapalooza’s key term. When Crizzly first appeared on the EDM circuit a couple years ago, he was tossing out hip-hop inspired dubstep bangers left and right. Since then, his style has shifted slightly to mirror the ongoing changes in the dance music world. Having said that, we still have an undeniable affinity for any production that this artist manages to get his hands on. If you’re able to make it out to Grant Park early enough on Sunday, expect plenty of trap-infused beats and bass-oriented bashers. Crizzly is guaranteed to bust out a couple heaters.

Duke Dumont

Well, creating the song of the summer is definitely one way to get the attention of music connoisseurs everywhere. Duke Dumont has been popping up all over the place as of late and it’s easy to see why. Armed with a sound that is a perfectly balanced mixture of catchy melodies and unique instrumentation, this producer has single-handedly raised the standard for dance music producers around the globe. We might be going out on a limb here, but we have a strong hunch that festival-goers won’t know what to do with themselves when this musician’s breaks out the unbelievably popular “I Got U.” Duke Dumont will be holding down Perry’s from 3:15-4:15pm on Saturday; don’t miss it.


Hailing from the land down under, Flume is finally bringing his exceptional brand of dance music to the city of Chicago for Lollapalooza weekend. Slotted to perform from 7:15-8:15pm on Sunday evening, this producer is the only name on this list that is scheduled at The Grove stage. But trust us, after a long weekend of in-your-face EDM acts, there will be no better way to unwind than with the incredibly soothing tones of Flume. Also known for making up half of the future trap duo, What So Not, this guy has clearly kept himself busy. We haven’t the slightest clue what this musician might have in store for us come Sunday night, but we know that whatever it is, it’ll be great.


By this juncture of his career, Gramatik has clearly established himself as a seasoned veteran on the music festival scene. From the days when he was just another name on PLM’s label, to what has rapidly turned into an army of loyal supporters, this producer has never let all the success get the best of him. More recently, however, Gramatik’s live performances have taken on a completely new feeling. The group's guitarist, Eric Mendelson, has begun to shift his focus towards other side projects (like Exmag). Because of that development, Dennis decided to start bringing in Russ Liquid for some of his live shows. We’re not sure if Mr. Liquid will be in attendance for Gramatik’s Lolla set on Saturday from 4:30-5:30pm, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed.


It’s only fitting that the hometown heroes would get hooked up with a headlining slot for this weekend’s festival. Granted, they’ll be performing at the same time as both Calvin Harris & Outkast (not to mention, cut / copy too), that’s no excuse to skip what promises to be a wet and wild experience with the Chicago trio. The group hasn’t exactly been making quite as much noise as of late, but their droves of loyal bass music maniacs will certainly turn this show into one of the most memorable moments of the entire weekend. People at Perry’s won’t even know what hit them after Krewella gets done doing their work.


Allow me to help you put things in perspective for a minute. Skrillex is only one of two EDM acts (Calvin Harris) to get booked for a headlining spot on one of the main stages. As one of this talented musician’s many dedicated followers, I can’t even begin to tell you how happy this makes me. The fact that Lolla is anticipating his audience will easily balloon past Perry’s max capacity says it all. Now, while much of his recent studio work has been a great blend of different dance music subgenres, his live shows still bring the energy like no other. Known for showing love to some of my favorite names in the dubstep industry (i.e. MUST DIE!, TrollPhace, & Dubloadz), Skrillex has proven over and over that he is bass music’s undisputed champ.

The Glitch Mob

When I saw The Glitch Mob for my first time at Lollapalooza back in 2009, their performance was unlike anything I had ever seen. The production value of that particular set was very scaled down and nothing like what the trio is doing in their live shows now. I know this, because I was fortunate enough to catch their set at Electric Forest earlier this summer. And when a group can pack that kind if of raw energy and emotion into an on-stage performance on day 1 of a festival, well, that’s pretty darn remarkable if you ask me. Having released their Love Death Immortality album earlier in the year, you can rest assured that The Glitch Mob won’t hesitate to showcase plenty of new material.

Honorable Metions: Calvin Harris | Flosstradamus | Zedd

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