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EDM.com Spotlight

Borealis Releases His Third Album 'Kallionyma' Tomorrow

Jesse Somfay, better known as Borealis, does not choose to abide by the common laws of EDM. His experimentally-driven beats break free from the rigid atmospheres of dance music and take its listeners on a intellectually-stimulating journey through deep textures and unique soundscapes. Kallionyma, the Ontario-based producer's latest project, is a 7-track album that provides a story-like approach to his dreamy productions, evoking a powerful feeling of euphoria and tranquility in each of its tracks.

"Imago VX" is the first single we heard off of the upcoming album, and it is accompanied by a music video that utilizes a mesmerizing mixture of broken VHS effects, vibrant colors, and anime-like cartoon clips.

Borealis - Imago VX (Official Music Video) from Tipping Hand on Vimeo.

Other singles on Kallionyma such as "SentieΛI" and "Antivenene" also showcase the album's psychadelic and ambient theme, and display the album's profound grasp of emotional and soothing sounds. From beginning to end, there is little telling what direction this album will take you in, but every song found within has its own story to tell.

Available tomorrow via Tipping Hand, listeners can pre-order the album on iTunes here. If you enjoy the album as much as we did, be sure to show Borealis some support with a like or follow!

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