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EDM.com Spotlight

Adventure Club Teams Up With Electric Family To Give Back To The Community

On April 17th, Adventure Club teamed up with Electric Family for a charity event titled "Do Good." The event helped feed over 22,000 low income Los Angeles residents. Today, we've finally been given the opportunity to see what the event was like. Justin "Eyewax" Nizer put together a fantastic recap of the event for the world's viewing pleasure, and it was premiered on UKF today. Watch the video below to get an idea of what happened at Do Good.

I am floored by the fan response to Do Good. They're clearly huge fans of Adventure Club, but they also seemed to be legitimately excited about helping the community. 

Drew Nilon, co-founder of Electric Family, says, "A lot of the fans mentioned that they were pretty nervous before they got to the event. However, once they started packaging boxes and mingling with everyone they were very happy to be there. Everyone was ecstatic to meet Leighton and Christian. Some fans drove from four to five hours away just to meet the guys and help participate in the event. We had so many fans thank us for setting everything up and showing them that the EDM community could make a difference. Most people asked when they could come participate again."

Adventure Club was also very excited about the outcome of Do Good. When the duo spoke with EDM.com in AprilLeighton James told us, "Once we got to Do Good, we didn't really know what to expect. It was a free event, and there were over 100 people there to support the cause. Everyone was packaging food and super keen on doing it. It was to the point where when we wantedto take pictures with some of our fans, they said, 'Hold on, let me finish what I'm doing.' Then they would come and take a picture. It felt good after the event.”

Nilon added, "I think we were a bit nervous at first that no one would show up. Once we realized that fans were actually coming it all flowed smoothly. It was an honor for us to be able to help the food bank. We left knowing that we want to grow the event so that we can help as many people as possible, while uniting the EDM community. It was incredible seeing the fans excited to participate and meet some of their favorite artists."

Electric Family is constantly trying to find ways to give back to the community. The company is driven by positive action, and it is amazing to see what they've been able to do. The Electric Family x Adventure Club bracelet has raised nearly $20,000 for FUCK CANCER, which is the charity Adventure Club chose to donate the bracelet's proceeds to.

Electric Family has a clear vision of what they're trying to accomplish within the EDM community. Nilon states, "Imagine combining Nike and some of the most charitable organizations into one company. We want to make philanthropy and helping others 'cool.' We believe that it is our duty as humans to help one another. We want to take this concept to the masses and shift our culture for the better."

With Do Good, Electric Family teamed up with one of dance music's biggest duos, Adventure Club, as well as Justin "Eyewax" Nizer, who's known for putting together some of EDM's most creative videos. To premiere the video, Electric Family partnered with UKF. Additionally, EDM.com has always helped out Electric Family any way we can. Electric Family has worked tirelessly to start building the EDM community into a true family. Their brand has already done so much to better the lives of others, and big names within the EDM community are excited to work with Electric Family and spread the love. We know that this is the start of something huge.

Moving forward, Electric Family has big plans. Nilon explains, "We want to be able to help communities world wide while setting a good example for our youth. We know the collective power of the EDM community and we want to harness that to benefit the world. We have lofty goals for these campaigns but its what we love to do and we know we can reach them."

In a time where EDM is demonized by the media, Electric Family's vision is something the community must rally around. Not only can we change the public's perception of dance music, but we can change the world as well. We're excited for Electric Family's growth, and we hope that more DJs, producers, and EDM brands jump on board and support the cause. 

Direct link to the Do Good video: http://go.electricfamily.com/7f1a

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