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Global Bass Music: Moombahton...Is It Dead Or Alive?

Almost immediately after any given music genre is branded, there are those standing by to proclaim the death of it. In recent times, we’ve heard it said about several dance music categories, but none more so than moombahton. In all fairness, it is somewhat of an offshoot of reggaeton, and the mere thought of hearing the excessively overworked (2003-2008) “Dembow” samples never fail to incite feelings of widespread terror among partygoers.   

Today’s world of rampant consumerism does not leave much space for vibrant art forms which can communicate life on their own. Moombahton may lack commercial appeal at its essence, simply because it is not designed to be idle background music. It inspires involuntary movement and draws attention. If you are faced with trying to promote a product, it may be a bit difficult for the audience to keep focused. However, if you are faced with having to wake up a dance floor, some carefully placed moombahton selections may be of great use to you. 

Original Moombahton Volume 2 was recently released as a free download, and it contradicts the "scene killers" who believe moombahton is dead. Listen to the compilation below and decide for yourself if moombahton is dead or alive.

To be innovative, draw inspiration from everything. Focus on the possibilities instead of the rules. You will hear several outside influences within this compilation, and this is how most Global Bass Music continues to reinvent itself. Having an open mind is the key to staying relevant.

Written by MC Zulu

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