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EDM.com Spotlight

5 Reasons We Can't Stop Thinking About EDC Las Vegas

Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas took place more than a month ago, but we haven't been able to get it out of our heads. Yes, HARD Summer and Lollapalooza are taking place this weekend, and we're extremely excited for the two festivals. However, EDC Las Vegas is its own beast, and we can't stop thinking about it. 

We've written five reasons why we can't get over EDC Las Vegas. Check them out, and let us know your feelings about EDC Las Vegas in the comments below!

1) The Production

Oh my god...I don't mean to be blasphemous, but the cathedral mainstage blew my mind. It was a much better centerpiece for the Kinetic Field stage than last year's cartoonish owl. Additionally, the stage was flanked by two much more realistic looking owls, which allowed Insomniac to stay true to their animal mascot. The bassCON stage literally looked like it was about to envelop the entire crowd and eat them whole. The terrifying stage was the perfect place for hardstyle acts to instill the need to shuffle into fans.  

Of course, we can't forget the fireworks. The fireworks were breathtaking. During the Independence Day fireworks, just weeks after EDC, I found myself thinking, "EDC's fireworks are infinitely better than this." Fans complain about the price of EDC Las Vegas, but as soon as you walk into the Las Vegas Speedway, you realize exactly what all that money went to.

2) Kaskade's Redux Set

Kaskade has proved in the past that he's a man of the people. Whether he's releasing his music for free or threatening to quit SoundCloud in order to find a better way to give his music to his fans, Kaskade wants to make you happy. During EDC, he headed straight from his main stage set to the Mayan Art Car for a Redux set.


The set was full of g-house/deep house bangers, including Shiba San's "Okay." The crowd wasn't grooving as much as they should have been, but the set was still fantastic. It was a special moment, and it shows the power of social media--even though the phone service was spotty at the festival.

3) Two Days Of Carl Cox

Oh yes, oh yes! We couldn't get enough of Carl Cox. He played both Friday and Saturday of EDC, and he hosted the Neon Garden stage for each night. The techno legend always puts together sets that fully engage the crowd from start to finish. Any time Carl Cox is playing at a festival, you need to see him. In the case of EDC, we had to see him twice, and each set was fantastic. He is the definition of a living legend, and I thank my lucky stars every time I'm granted the opportunity to witness a Carl Cox set.

4) Stage 7: The 7-Up Stage

Before the lineups were announced, I wondered if Insomniac would book producers like Trippy Turtle and Mr. Carmack. When EDC revealed that both of them were booked, I wondered which stage they could possibly play at. I found myself questioning whether they would have fit in at any of the stages that EDC Las Vegas had in 2013. Then, they announced Stage 7, and I knew I would be spending a lot of my time there. In addition to Trippy Turtle and Mr. Carmack, the 7-Up stage featured trap, indie dance, nu disco, jackin house, and deep house.

Trippy Turtle and Mr. Carmack's sets were one right after the other on the second day of EDC, and they were glorious. I still can't get my mind off Trippy Turtle ending his set with Lido's remix of "Latch." I found one video of it on YouTube, and you can watch it below. I apologize for the vertical video, but it's the only documentation of the "Latch" remix.

On the last day of EDC, Bixel Boys absolutely tore up the stage. It was their second set of the weekend after closing Cosmic Meadow on the first day. In addition to the amazing music at the 7-Up Stage, there was a ton of space for dancing. The crowd was very small, but the people at the stage were so into the music. I love having space to dance--especially when everyone else in the crowd is clearly having a great time. 

5) The Diversity

So far, we've spotlighted a deep house set, the King of Techno, future bass, and Jersey club. This doesn't even touch the tip of the iceberg as far as the genres that were on display at EDC Las Vegas. There was hardstyle, trance, big room house, progressive house, trap, D&B, and so much more. The seemingly endless amount of time conflicts made my head hurt. I didn't know where to go, and that's a testament to Insomniac's fantastic booking.

EDC Las Vegas always features a diverse lineup, and there's truly something for any dance music fan. You could get lost in a tech-house haze at Neon Garden, rage with your bros at the main stage, twerk at Cosmic Meadow, shuffle to some hardstyle, cook like Lil B to some trap, or sing your heart out to some vocal trance. I'm constantly amazed by Insomniac's ability to book great EDC Las Vegas lineups every year.

Cover photo credit: Alex Perez

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