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The Mayor Of Niagara Falls, Deadmau5's Hometown, Wants To Go On A Coffee Run

Deadmau5's coffee run with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has created quite a stir. Now, Niagara Falls Mayor Jim Diodati wants to go on a coffee run with the popular producer.

Deadmau5 is a Niagara Falls native, and exactly one month ago, he was the Grand Marshal in Niagara Falls' Canada Day Parade. In fact, Diodati even provided Deadmau5 with a key to the city.

According to Tony Ricciuto of the Niagara Falls Review, Diodati said, "I put it out there that I take my coffee black and maybe we can go for a cruise the next time he comes for a visit. Joel is a fun guy. He likes dishing it out and I get a kick out of him."

When the Niagara Falls Review suggested that each citizen of Niagara Falls chip in $5 to buy Deadmau5's $380,000 Nyancat Ferrari, Diodati provided a very mayoral response: "For the price of the Ferrari we could probably buy another city bus or a fire truck." Great answer by Diodati, as any excitement about the Ferrari probably would have had some citizens in an uproar.

Deadmau5 is very popular, and it's no surprise to see people from all walks of life requesting to go on a coffee run. Although Ford's coffee run was rather uneventful, we have hopes that a coffee run with Diodati would be more exciting. It could be fun to hear Deadmau5 reminisce on where he grew up.

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