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Zac Efron & Emily Ratajkowski To Star In An EDM Movie

According to DeadlineZac Efron and Emily Ratajkowski have been chosen to star in We Are Your Friends, a film that centers on dance music culture. Efron has developed into a top Hollywood actor after breaking into the industry with his role in High School Musical. Ratajkowski is popular for being the female star of the "Blurred Lines" video.

Efron will play a 23-year-old who spends his nights trying produce the one hit that will make him blow in the EDM world. Eventually, an older DJ starts showing him the ropes. Up until this point, some of you might relate with the story. To throw a wrench into the story, Efron unsurprisingly starts falling in love with Ratajkowski, who happens to be the girlfriend of the older DJ. From there, it evolves into the forbidden love story that so many Hollywood films turn into. 

This might not appeal to die-hard dance music fans, but I wouldn't be surprised if this story is a hit with the casual EDM fan. The film is Max Joseph's directorial debut. He is popular for being the co-creator of MTV's Catfish. Hopefully he brings a lot more creativity and originality to the table in this film than he does in his MTV show. I won't pass judgment yet, as people have successfully made the jump from being a creative mind in the TV world to being a film director in the past. We're not sure of how the film earned its name, but we're guessing it's an ode to Justice's "We Are Your Friends" remix of a Simian track, which has been one of the most-played songs at festivals the past few years.

If you have no hope for a film centered on dance music, don't count We Are Your Friends out just yet. There have been some good movies focused on dance music in the past, including 24 Hour Party People, Human Traffic, and It's All Gone Pete Tong. If you have yet to watch these movies, I highly recommend you check them out. 

We Are Your Friends shows the growing importance of dance music in American culture. Dance music is more relevant than ever, and it has become popular enough to be the backbone of a Hollywood feature film. This might anger people who have loved dance music since it was solely underground music, which is completely understandable. However, this film helps show the potential longevity of dance music. It is truly becoming the voice of our generation.

As Jay Z said in his Made in America documentary, ""EDM music [sic], people are dismissing as a fad, sort of like they did hip hop. I think it'll be a bit more sticky. I think it's the music of the next generation. It's their soundtrack. It's the music that they're claiming for their own. They'll buy hip hop, and they'll buy other music. But it's like this music is oursIt's very difficult. Kids don't want to listen to their dad's music because they're not cool. They need to be on the cutting edge. This is something that they can claim."

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