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Erick Morillo Calls Out The Actions Of Calvin Harris, David Guetta & Avicii

One of the more experienced DJs/producers in electronic music, Erick Morillo, took to the New York Daily News earlier this week in order to express his current feelings regarding the electronic music genre and industry as a whole.

Morillo angrily compared the current mainstream DJs to major 90s pop stars that used to lip-sync. He explained, “A lot of these guys aren’t even making their own hit records. It is what it is. This industry has become what it has become, (especially) if you look across the board, not just at dance music.”

Arguments regarding DJs being lazy and just pressing the play button in front of an audience vs. mixing live and changing it up constantly arise in the EDM world. Both fans and DJ’s have publicly communicated their opinions on this subject as well as their disappointment in particular artists time and time again.

Morillo expressed his frustration towards the bigger names who don’t appear to put their full effort into their performances. Morillo called out Calvin Harris, David Guetta, and Avicii as being "pop stars." He added, “You go and look at a Calvin show, where he plays all his own records. He is just standing up there kind of doing nothing,” Morillo elaborated, “It would be great if he put a bit little more oomph into it.”

These guys are some of the top grossing artists and are considered to be the faces of EDM – this genre's “pop stars.” If you’re paying top dollar for tickets to watch these artists live, you definitely want to get a memorable and unique show, not a careless “lip-synced” performance.

Morillo voicing his opinion on this topic and calling out these EDM stars will hopefully assist in the process of weeding out those artists who are making the electronic music genre and industry suffer rather than flourish by raising awareness in fans.

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