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EDM.com Spotlight

JayCeeOh Launches New Label With Single 'Scream' Featuring Ruen & Mister Gray

LA's own JayCeeOh has become of EDM's most talked about up-and-comers in recent months, as his singles "Damn" and recent collaboration with Ruen & Mister Gray on "Scream" have received major playback by a handful of prominent trap and twerk icons. With performances at a variety of festivals and events in recent months including Empire Music Festival, WMC, and the X Games, JayCeeOh's live sets showcase both his veteran mixing skills and innate knack for partying. We recently interviewed the on-the-rise producer and dj to discuss the launch of his new label Super 7 Records, as well as his work with The Bloody Beetroots and what to expect from him in the coming months. Take a read through our exclusive interview and listen to the party-certified sounds of JayCeeOh!

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EDM: How did JayCeeOh first come to be? Have you always been an EDM fan?

JCO: I started DJing in '96 when I moved from Los Angeles to Pittsburgh, PA. I was a skateboarding, graffiti-writing, underground hip-hop head, and when I saw some footage of DJs like A-Trak, Craze, Z-Trip, and Beat Junkies battling, I instantly knew that was my calling. I worked part time jobs after school to save up to buy my first set of turntables.

Initially as a DJ, truth be told, I was not a fan of EDM. I was completely focused on becoming a turntablist battle DJ, and the core of that scene was hip-hop. It wasn't until around 2006 that I started gravitating toward the EDM scene. I went through a phase of "what's next, I have done everything as a hip-hop DJ," so to speak. I entered DMC Battles, toured internationally with hip-hop acts, scratched on records featuring hip-hop legends (Pete Rock, J-Dilla, Talib Kweli, Sean Price, Krs-One, 9th Wonder, etc). All of that was amazing but I hit a wall and wasn't complacent with being a background DJ. I wanted to develop my own lane so I started focusing more attention on playing club sets. That's when I fell in love with dance music. All of the hip-hop classics were cool and all, but they didn't have the energy I wanted to translate to a live club set. I went back to the drawing board and starting studying and listening to tons of new music in a genre that I had previously wrote off. After having some of the homies school me on what was what, I went to town and found the sound of dance music that I wanted to work into my sets. Things have progressed exponentially since then.

EDM: From twerk to house to hip-hop mashups, you've demonstrated a boundless direction in your productions - what fuels this multifarious approach to your sound?

JCO: I think the reason my production touches on so many different genres of music is because when I perform I like to mix it up and surprise people. To me, playing one genre or vibe throughout a set gets monotonous and boring. I think by switching it up there is a greater chance of creating more "OH SH*T" moments throughout a performance instead on having one speed. I like to challenge myself in my productions as well as my live shows.

EDM: What was the collaborative process like on your newest single "Scream" with Ruen & Mister Gray? "Scream" also served as the first of your newest imprint "Super 7 Records," what inspired the birth of this new label?

JCO: "Scream" came about pretty naturally. I produced a few records with Ruen & Mister Gray last year. We did a twerk remix of Clipse's "When The Last Time," as well as an original titled "Let Em Know." Both Ruen & Mister Gray are amazing club DJs as well as producers so we all kind of have a similar ear and know what works live. For "Scream," Ruen & Mister Gray sent me the skeleton idea for the record and I loved it. I went in and re-did some drum programming, added a bunch of vocal chops and sequencing. We went back and forth a few times until we all agreed it was a winner. We work very well together, so you can definitely expect more releases from us in the future.

I launched Super 7 for a few reasons, but overall this was something I'd been wanting to do for a long time and it felt like it was the next progressive step in my career. I wanted to create an outlet for me to release music officially in a timely manner, and I now have the right team in place to help me accomplish just that. Over the last year I have released over 20 free records, primarily remixes, but also gave out some originals as well, collectively garnering over 3.5 Million plays on SoundCloud. I had a couple of label releases, "Damn" on Fools Gold, Bloody Beetroots "The Beat" remix on Ultra Records, and Wiz Khlaifa "We Dem Boyz" Remix for Atlantic. Each record is its own battle, rightfully so at this stage in my production career. Right now I am sitting on so many originals and creating new music at such a fast pace that I don't want to sit on these songs forever. I created Super 7 as a branch of JayCeeOh that has unlimited possibilities. It's tough to base your own career off of the schedule and music taste of another human at other labels. I believe in the music I am making, so now I have created an outlet for me and my collaborators to jump on the map with, and a team behind me to help with reaching the masses.

EDM: Earlier this year, you toured North America as direct support for The Bloody Beetroots, how did it feel going on tour and opening for Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo?

JCO: Touring with the Sir Bob and the Bloody Beetroots was an amazing experience. It was great to be put in that place as the majority of Beetroots fans had no clue who I was prior to the show. But every show on the tour I would walk out in the crowd and have endless people coming up giving props. To be able to hit the road with an A-List act like Sir Bob and create new fans was a priceless opportunity.

Sir Bob and I have a very unique story of how we met and have come to work with each other. My best friend from college Eric Ginnetty has been the Beetroots production and tour manager for the past two years. But it wasn't until earlier this year that I finally met Sir Bob. Eric brought him by my house to hang out and listen to some music. We kicked it and I played Sir Bob a ton of my undressed records and he was genuinely impressed with my sound and what I had been producing. A couple of weeks later, Eric hits me up about it and said Bob wanted me to remix "The Beat" Ft Peter Frampton off of his new album. Naturally, I was honored and jumped right on it with my main production partner B-Sides. We spent a while on it before sending it over to Sir Bob. When we did send it Bob's feedback was amazing and everything was a go for the remix. Since then, Sir Bob and I have also worked on an original record together that is one of the craziest records I have ever worked on. Can't wait until you all hear that bad boy!

EDM: You performed at numerous festivals this summer as well - was there one set that stuck out the most? Why so?

JCO: This was my first year really out there playing Festivals and man, that shit is awesome! Coming from playing clubs for so long it truly is a rewarding experience to be able to play a festival set to a crowd that is there solely to be entertained by you. I am a very active DJ technically, pacing, as well as present on the mic. So I think my type of set really translates well in the festival environment and is different than the majority of EDM acts. My favorite festival this year has to be Empire Music Festival in Guatemala. It was headlined by all the big dogs - Afrojack, Carnage, Alesso, Martin Garrix, etc. I had such an amazing reaction and a great crowd even though I went on fairly early in the day. After my set I went out to the crowd to greet fans and they all went wild. It was a very rewarding experience.

EDM: What other big releases/shows can we expect from you in the coming months?

JCO: I have a gang of releases on deck that I am very excited about! I have an original collaboration with Made Monster coming out as a free release on Buygore Records this month. I did an official remix for Bassnectar off his new album 'Noise vs Beauty'. Not sure exactly when that will drop but its awesome!

Just finished an official remix for Mac Millers song 'Insomniak' Ft Rick Ross which should be out this month. The record I did with Sir Bob (of The Bloody Beetroots) should be out early fall as well as an EP I am wrapping up with a bunch of collaborations.

Also have a full schedule of shows coming up. Drais (Las Vegas), Webster Hall (NYC), Hellow Fest (Monterry, MX), Black Yellow Block party in Puerto Rico, and another show back in Guatemala to name a few.  

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